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Friday, 25 December 2015

Xmas eve land send open

After the normal tidy brekkie in lillypool cafe it was of down to the wind and rain at the fishery, but that was meant to stop by 10, which it did luckily, 16 fishing so we put 12 on the match lake and 4 on the good pegs at the top end of the speci.
I didn't mind where I drew nearly last and ended up on 19 for the second time in a week, didn't really mind as thought I did think I did it a bit wrong last time , so try and put that right today.
For company I had Andy Gard on 17 and Ricky the scaffolder on 20, so no option of any margin fishing as back towards 18 there is a big bush right next to 19 pallet, which you can't get past.
Only three rigs to begin with. One for across in the island gap for pellet as this turned out to be the best catching area, one for pellet down the shelf and a meat rig for 13 mars off to the left at 11 o'clock angle. At the start I cupped in some meat at 13 and began firing some 4,s across to the island for up and down the shelf. I gave the meat line a good hour to begin with, but all I had was a rectal fin hooked 8lb common which did give me a proper run around. So I went across at the bottom of the island shelf fully expecting to get at least liners, but nothing happened, now this was a worry, so I tried up the shelf and had a couple of carp and f1,s, going nowhere fast with this one then. And I would really like to say things improved but it never . The only person doing well was Paul Elmer on 11 who was getting a few on pellet across to the island and some on meat in the deep water, trigger opposite was catching f1,s on soft pellet against the island . I did set up a rig for caster against the island and I did have an f1 and a few perch but not to much else. So most of the rest of the match was spent in the island gap, I did manage a few more carp plus a couple of f1,s and skimmers, I thought I was well off the pace to pick up a bit of coin, I did lose a good fish in the last 5mins which I thought may cost me . And I was straight as I ended with 5 carp for 27lb and my silver went 11lb for 38lb
1st was Paul Elmer on 11 with 70.8
2nd Alan oram on 7 with 45.8
3rd Kevin molten on 24 with 43.8
4th Adrian Clark on 15 with 39.4
5th Russ peck with 38.14 on peg 22
6th was me with 38lb, so that lost l a st fish did cost me!!!!
Silver went to trig on 5 with his mainly f1 and late skimmers for 22.8.
Just wrote this waiting for me turkey dinner which smells as though it may be ready soon 😁😁😁😁 so I hope you are having a really good Xmas.

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