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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Open match, Chilton trinity woodlands lake

After a slight detour to the copper kettle cafe in Weston (well worth the extra few miles) it was off to the fishery, as is normal misha was on duty with the kettle boiling for tea and coffee, nice touch and much appreciated.
21 fishing which is a nice number, I got the draw underway on time , and as is normal got misha to draw mine, and what does she go and do, yep , drew me the same peg as last time, 15 up in the top corner on the far side, nice peg with a good margin up to the empty pallet to my left, for company I had Joe McMahon on peg 18, and on my right was Leon Hubbard on 14 and his travelling partner, Clint wojtyla next along on peg 13, so a good bit of  jovial banter was guaranteed, and Clint didn't disappoint, he was pretty much on it most of the day , with Steve seager opposite and Ken rayner to his right taking a lot of the stick, I also had a bit but I enjoy it really, as there is no malice with it, as it was an anything goes match , the long pole was going to be my main weapon of choice, I've been using a tournament pro pope now for a few months and I must say its a proper piece of kit, I can't believe I didn't get my hands on one ages ago, its certainly strong well balanced and responsive, its all you need in a pole .
4 rigs today , a shallow pellet rig and a deep one for on the deck, both to be used at 14 mtrs, a meat rig for 6 mtrs just off to my left, and a pellet rig for on the deck up towards empty pallet 16.

At the start I began on the shallow rig , it took me about 15 mins to hook my first carp, by which time Clayton Hudson on peg 24 already had 2, so catch up again, I had few the next 90 mins, and I expected a few more, especially as some ripple started, but it seemed to have  the opposite effect as bites became non existent, a switch to the deeper rig only bought me a lost fouler, so 2 hours in I went onto the meat line, a little earlier than I would have liked, first drop produced a pound plus eel, and the next three put ins gave me two carp and a missed bite, I stuck with and after a short wait I had a couple more carp, but that was all the fish I had off the meat line, I tried the shallow rig again, but never had a bite, Clayton was still adding odd fish to his tally, but not setting it alight , Joe to my left was still getting odd fish shallow, but not enough to threaten much, with a couple of hours to go I began fishing down to the empty pallet, and pretty much stayed there for the rest of the match , again catching a few but also losing some foulers, mainly due to the depth and not being able to get in tight enough into the shallower water.
By the end it seemed as though it was going to be between myself and Clayton opposite, luckily for me, my late run of fish down the edge did it for me as I weighed in 108.15 for first.
2nd was Clayton Hudson on 24 with 88.4
3rd Martin McMahon on peg 2 with 74.6
4th Jason Radford on peg.26 with 70.10
5th Joe McMahon on 18 with 68.5
6th Dave Evans on 20 with.64.2
A bit hard today with Ken rayner just edging it with 7.13
A few.ounces behind was Steve seager with.7.5
Next Sunday its round 4 of the float only league at Avalon, so anyone reading this who can't make it, please let me.know so I can get reserves.

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