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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Short pole series, round 3

Had the company of Judith with me today as she fancied a nice quiet day in the fresh air, to relax a bit, so after picking Jason up it was off to Weston and the copper kettle cafe, and very nice it was to,
Still got to the lake with plenty of time to organise things, we had a few reserves in today, including the whole shipp clan, des , his brother Ryan and his dad Vince, lol.
I let misha draw for me again. And she didn't disappoint again as she handed me peg 22, end peg on the Carpark bank towards the top end , and as the wind was blowing quite hard into the corner to my right , for company I had stu Barnett on 23 and kev molten round the corner to my right on 19.
I set up 2 rigs for 6 mtrs both to fish pellet , one shallow and one on the deck, and a margin rig for the margin to my right , also for banded pellet, the margin did look good I must say.
At the start I began on the shallow rig feeding meat and fishing a banded 8mm over the top, I fished this for nearly an hour with only one carp to show for my.efforts, and that was to be the only fish I had shallow, I went on the depth rig and had a couple of carp and a couple of skimmers, but it was proving a difficult day with the carp not wanting to play ball to any great degree, des over on peg 10 be doing the best, snarling a few on shallow meat, I never really got to many fish queuing up , it was just a case of swapping between the margin and the deep line , picking off odd fish from both lines, I only ended with 13 carp and 2 skimmers for hopefully 75lb at least.

It turned out I had just done enough as I came first with 93.13, beating des shipp into second with 80.6 off peg 10
3rd Tom mangnal on 30 with 71.1
4th Emma Drysdale on 33 with 66.12
5th Dave Evans with 50.15
6th stu Barnett 49.1
Martin McMahon on 18 with 12.3
The league is tight with Tom mangnal out in front on 18 points then there are three of us on 16 ,
Joe McMahon
Emma Drysdale,
So the last match is going to be interesting.
Float only league at shiplate next Sunday, looking that as its fishing very well of late, plus it's another chance of a good breakfast at the copper kettle cafe in Weston as the fishery is only 10 minutes from the cafe, nice.

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  1. You should take Judith with you all the time - she takes a good photograph