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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Acorn Tuesday costcutter

On my own today so decided to go to this popular Somerset venue , for hopefully a bit of a bag up as its been fishing well with winning weights normally topping 200lb and there is always a chance of over 300.
16 fishing today so organiser Mike Chapman gave everyone a bit of room. Early as normal into the draw bag and ping pong ball no9 stuck to my hand, another peg I havnt fished before, its nice as its only 11 mtrs wide so nice and easy today.
It was a nice depth on the the far bank so I set up a .1g as4 for there with banded pellet, a .15 pc slim for down to empty pallet 8, and another .1 as4 for maggot down each side margin.
At the start I began on the far bank on banded pellet, I had a fish quite quickly, but it wasn't easy as the fish seemed to be shying away from the pellet, I was getting odd fish, gabe skarba on peg 6 was struggling at this stage, and ed wynne on 11 was trying to catch silver's as he had the same peg on Sunday and won the silver's with over 20lb , but it didn't seem to be happening today as carp seemed intent on ruining his day.
Ray bazeley on peg 5 was catching well on soft pellet on his topkit, but he was having a few issues, I tried to get a pic of him netting a fish, but it was taking a long time , the picture shows him playing a good fish just before it did him under his pallet LOL.
As the match progressed, gabe began to catch well on his much loved soft pellet over groundbait, plus a few pellets aswell, I started catching well in my right hand margin going into the last two hours, the fish seemed to want to go into really shallow water only about 8 inches deep, just over loose Fed maggots, I fed 4mm pellet to my left but it wasn't a effective as the maggot line to my right.
Although in was catching well in the last couple of hours , I was always well adrift of gabe as he began catching well about 2 hours in, so he was looking favourite to win today, he really seems to have this venue sorted so well done to him. By the end I thought I had at least 150 but gabe was admitting to over 200, and after weighing he was well over 200 with 257.5, another easy win as I was second with 177.5.
Mike Owens on peg 33 was 33rd with 130.10
4th Ray bazeley finally managed to get over 100lb in a long time with 112lb
5th Paul faiers with 73.9 on peg 21
6th Dave Stephenson on peg 24 with 72.3
John barker on peg 2 with 13.4
Off to Chilton trinity woodlands lake on Sunday, got a few spare places, so txt , ring or message me if you fancy it, 9.30 draw.

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