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Sunday, 11 September 2016

Avalon open

Only 14 of us fishing today, there were quite a few other matches on today so no real surprise.
I let Judith draw for me for me with the strict instructions to draw peg 24  for me , well that's the last time she does that, peg 32 indeed, its a peg on the small island about 3/4 the way up, a very snaggy island if you get to close, so I set up a pellet wag , but with the wind blowing left to right it was always going to be hard on that as the float was getting blown off the island in double quick time.
4 pole rigs today, a shallow and deep pellet rig for 16 mtrs and a couple of silver's rigs, one for worm and the other with caster , both with middy 6313 hooks on .12, an 18 for caster and a 16 for worm.
I had the local legend Craig "trigger" Edmunds to my right on 30 and Mike "pikey" west on 33.
At the start I cupped in 6 balls of worm and caster laced groundbait at 13 mtrs, 3 on each angle 11 and 1 o'clock, some 6mm pellets at 16 mtrs and fired some of the same  onto the wag line , I started on the wag as the wind was nearly manageable to begin with, and my first bite resulted in a lost hooklenth as the hooked fish made the snags, so that was up the bank then.
Onto the pole and pellet at 16 mtrs and after a couple of lost foulers I was looking to the silver's lines, especially as trigger had a couple of big fish on paste at the start, but was now getting a bite every throw on the pellet  wag over to his island, but it was sounding like a one in twenty bite to connect ratio, quick fish, admittedly lots of the bites are from silver's, but even the carbonate really quick, I binned the long pole pellet line as I could just tell it would get torrid, I did try shallow for a while but it only gave me a roach, so most of the rest of the match was spent trying to catch the decent skimmers which are in the lake, I did manage one on the wag, but the wind got worse as the match progressed.
But luckily I had enough bites and indications to keep me going at it , especially as trigger was now catching on the wag and later on the pole and paste, but the bream are of a decent size and they seem to have a taste for Vic,s finest dendra,s.
It was never frantic sport , more of a waiting game for each bite, swapping and feeding between both lines, catching on both worm and double caster, I ended up with 14 or 15 skimmers and a tench , I did also get 3 nuisance carp on the worm , all of which try there hardest to get under the pallet, the buggers. I reckoned on having nearly 30lb of skimmers and 4 carp for 20lb, as expected normal service was resumed with trig winning with 124.12, taking about half and half on the wag and on the paste, so well done to him,
2nd was Martin lenaghan showing his adaptability , landing a 43lb carp last week and framing today with 77.5
3rd was Stuart Barnett with 64lb
4th was me with 54.4 which included the days top silver weight of 33.12
5th Mike west 49lb and last in the frame was Steve seager with 46.2.
2nd in silver's went to ziggy slowinski with 26.8.

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