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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

A rarity, a short pleasure session

I had a few hours to kill this afternoon so decided on a short pleasure session on plantation main lake , I havnt fished this lake for a few years , but it was always good , with a good head of skimmers aswell as the normal carp, I could have gone to acorn today, but I fished it yesterday, and although there a silver's in those lakes , the large head of carp generally beat the other species to the bait, also I could have gone to bullocks farm to fish one of there intimate lakes, but I will save that for my next sorte, I drove into the Carpark at plantation and was surprised to see loads of cars , I had a quick look at the lake , and sure enough there were plenty of anglers around the lake with all the normal flyers being occupied,
I settled on a peg in the bay just around the left hand side, permanent peg 11 I think.
I set up one rig , a .3g with an 18 b960 for banded pellet, all I had was 4mm for feed and a few 6,s for the band, a quick plumd around revealed about 4 1/2 foot of water at 14 mtrs and the same at 5 mtrs, so I opened up on the long line springing the 4,s, I didn't have to wait long for a bite and I was soon catching skimmers up to a pound, and I had a small (3lb) carp, but after an hour the 5 mtr line was fussing, so I abandoned the long line , put moats of the pole away and spent the next couple of hours on the short line and it was enjoyable, I had 9 more carp up to about 9lb, several skimmers up to 3lb aswell as a tench and an old warrior of a fanatic.

All in all a very pleasant three hours sat in the autumn sunshine, anyone looking for a few hours good fishing need look no further than the three excellent fisheries in and around the small village of Kingston Seymour, and they can all be really good in the cold weather too, well worth checking out all rear round.

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