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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Viaduct silver's league rnd 1

Second trip to the fishery in 2 days, yesterday was the all winners final and today was the first of the silver's league, its a well supported league with 50 fishing, and I really enjoy this league, its not a carp race, generally its a skimmer job with odd bonuses in the shape of tench and perch to add a bit of spice, the weather forecast was not to good today with unbroken sunshine and no wind, not ideal bream weather,
Got into the draw early and pulled out peg 125 on Campbell, a good silver's peg without doubt, so I was happy, for company I had Bob gullick on 124 and Steve Jackson on 126, and with Clayton Hudson on 123 and Dan squire on 118 it was a tough section, daddy was on 119 but he would probably have some severe carp problems as they weren't really troubled the day before in this swim ,(lol Mark p)
My main line of attack was as normal caster or maggot over groundbait, I made up a couple of rigs , a .25 and a .4 g for over the groundbait and a .3g for caster on the topkit line as this can be a good roach line with a good chance of tench and odd skimmers,
At the start I fed 4 balls at 9 and 13 mtrs but began on the topkit line , it all began as expected with small roach being fairly obliging, Steve to my right  and Bob to my left also began close but not as close as me as they chose to go topset and one , which by the end was a good move, I did get a tench in the first 30 mins and a few roach, which put me ahead of my immediate neighbours, but it wasn't really good , so I went out onto the 9 mtr line and I soon added a couple of good skimmers to keep me in front, and used fully expected a good day to follow, but it got hard very quickly, and I didn't really help my cause as I tried to force it to much and fed to much expecting the skimmers to settle over it later in the match, but it never really happened, also either side of me were catching on worm head as the match went on and I left it to late to change to worm on the hook, a definite schoolboy error on my part , as Bob was catching well in the last half of the match after a very slow first half, and Steve had been catching steadily most of the match on his close line , adding a few good skimmers, I should have fed and fished slightly further out on the close line, also carp were becoming more of a problem for everyone towards the end, but you still needed to feed to get skimmers interested, but it encouraged the carp ever time, by the end I new I was well down in my section, with Bob, Dan and Steve all beating me , but I've come away knowing I have made a couple of mistakes today which have cost me dear on the day, and as the scales confirmed I was 4th in the section with 27.6. Well done to Bob gullick who won the section and the match with 40.14, his close line was the difference today with several good skimmers and and a couple of tench off it
2nd Dan squire on 118 with 38.14
3rd Sam Powell on 115 with 36.10
4th Mark Saunders on 60 with 36.9
5th trig Edmunds on 97 with 36.4
6th mat tomes on 73 with 32.10.
A good close match and it fished surprisingly well considering the weather, off to acorn on Tuesday then down to todber manor next Sunday for the first round of a four match pairs league, with my partner for the series Ken "colmic" rayner.

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