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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Tuesday costcutter acorn fishery

Back to acorn again ,and with a decent turn out of 22 I was looking forward to it, after Steve Burgess,s comments on the psv blog there were a couple of there clubs finest on the banks hoping to do well, early into the draw and out comes pingpong 17, no complaints as its been a very consistent area this summer, but with the weather cooling and the water clearing it maybe a different proposition today. I reckoned it was still warm enough for the fish to be up in the shallow water across, so I set up a rig for that to fish pellet, I was surprised to find it really shallow tight across so I came a mtr off the far side and still only had 12 inches depth, but that would do. It was shallow enough tight across that the geese could stand there and hardly get there bellies  wet.
I also set up a pellet rig to fish to my right in the margin and down to the empty pallet, and a rig for maggot to my left, again in the margin and up to the empty pallet that way, apart from the bridge pegs everyone had an empty peg each side. For company I had Ray bazeley on peg 15 and Barry fitchew on peg 19, Ray would be trying to catch carp but Barry would be on his normal silver's attempt.
I began the match on banded 6mm pellet over loose Fed 4,s, I didn't have long to wait for a bite and I had two fish in the net after 15 minutes, and there were a few fish beginning to show in the shallow water across, but they were a bit spooky with the clarity of the water, but I was getting enough to make it worthwhile staying across, as far as I could see no one was catching much, I had a few looks down each margin in the first half of the match but never had a bite, Barry had caught a few carp on maggot fished in the deep water, as had Ray, so I made a rig up to fish in the deep water with maggot. I also swapped the right hand margin to a maggot line and started to see some movement in there, the wind picked up for the last couple of hours making presentation across in the shallow water difficult, and I started foulhooking carp as the rig was getting blown through to fast, but the short maggot line gave me three fish and the right hand margin also produced a few better fish, so by the end I new I had over 100lb and I still hadn't seen to much caught, although Ray to my right ended on a flourish, again catching on maggot down his right hand margin, but it was to little to late for him.
As it turned out I was the only person to break the ton with 113.7
So a nice interesting day, after that the back up weights were very tight , making for a good match
2nd was Mike Chapman on 11 with 74.14
3rd John baker on 38 with 74.12
4th rich Heatley on 6 with 74.7
5th Lee Waller on 5 with 71.6
6th Ray bazeley on 15 with 67.7
The silver's had a proper off day today and Keith Fisher on peg 3 won that with 13.3 with Lee Waller on peg 5 coming 2nd with 9.7.
The only extra quid I won today was off gabe skarba who had 59.14 off 33, he managed to scarper before I could get the pic of him handing it over, so here is a Pic of the quid anyway.
Thanks gabe, I know its probably only borrowed for now LOL

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