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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Tuesday costcutter acorn fishery

Travelled with Chris Fox again today so we were treated to o me of carolines finest breakfasts, and very nice to.
Off to the fishery and a bit disappointed to find only 14 fishing,
Ray and Mike got the draw underway on time and I was fairly early into the bag and out comes ping pong ball 5, nice, Mike Chapman won off it on Sunday with over 150lb , he caught on maggot about a mtr off the far bank using maggot, so hopefully some fish would still be in residence, I soon had my kit over the bridge and on the peg.

There was only one other angler on the island with me and that was Dave Stephenson on peg 2, he's been on the island that often in recent weeks that he is considering changing his name to Tom hanks (castaway), behind me was Chris who was deciding whether to caster for the silver's pot.
A few rigs today, two pellet rigs for across, one on top of the shelf and one just down, a maggot rig for in the deep water at 5 mtrs and another for maggot down the left hand margin towards the corner of the island, only 3 mtrs away, and then ensued an enjoyable match, catching fish on all methods , I began on the down the shelf rig on banded pellet and soon had a couple of fish in the net, and as I was feeding with a catty , the overshoot of pellets soon had a few fish mooching around on top of the shelf, so I went onto the rig for that with banded 6mm pellet, and I had a good run, before they started to shy away, mainly due to the clear water, no ducks this week to colour the water up, I tried maggot rig at 5 mtrs and had some fish there, and a few down the edge, also on maggot, the only other people I could really see were Mike Chapman on 9 who was catching quite well, also Mike Owens on 11 was getting a few, but I managed to stay ahead of those , and by the end in thought I had 150lb, and with Mike admitting to 130 I thought I had done enough.
And I had as I was very close with my estimation as I had 152.1
Mike was second on 9 with 125
Mike Owens should have been third but he went over the 70lb net limit so only weighed 21lb instead of 92 , we've all been there
So third was Dave Stephenson on peg 2 with 77.11
4th Dave wride on 24 with 57.4
5th Andy gard on 27 with 55lb
6th Lee Waller  on 31 with 54.13
Ed wynne on 21 with 8.4.
Off to viaduct this Sunday for round 3 of the silver's league, after two carp rounds the league is over for me, there's always next year lol.

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