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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Sunday open, Landsend fishery

25 fishing today so Mike let us spread over match and 3, so plenty of room, I made the mistake of letting Shawn kitteridge draw for me and he handed me peg 3, not an ideal peg for this time of year, especially as the temps are beginning to fall.
I set a caster rig for 4 mtrs and down to the left edge as its the same depth, a soft pellet rig for 11 mtrs to the left and the same rig would do for down to empty peg 4 , a meat rig for down to empty peg 2 as this is normally a banker for a few, and a pellet rig for just down the island slope in about 2 foot of water,
With trig Edmunds on peg 11 the chances of winning off my peg were very slight, the main body of carp seem to like living at the other end of the lake and down the far side as far as 19, so I thought my best chances of a pickup would be with silver's, so at the start, I fed some micros on the soft pellet lines but began on the caster at 4 mtrs, I new I was going to be in trouble when it took me 30 mins to get a bite, definitely not ideal. In fact it turned out to be a really tough one at this end of the lake, Joe McMahon on peg one had a carp first drop on corn over by the island, but that was his lot to begin with, I fed some meat down by  peg 2 after about an hour as nothing was happening, I also fed some hard pellets onto the island shelf just in case, and I was surprised to see some water movement after a few minutes, so it was off the box and a shallow rig was assembled, I went straight across and had two quick carp before they disappeared, not really surprising as the water was only 10 inches deep and I could see the fish, back on the caster lines and the first bite I had down the edge resulted in a carp, which after playing it for a few minutes managed to get into the margin debris and break me ,
The caster fishing never picked up, so with odd people catching f1,s even the silver's pickup was looking very unlikely, Ken rayner on 5 was also finding it hard but he was losing a few, by the halfway stage I could look up the lake and see trig was now catching really well, so that looked to be the match sown up again, I kept trying down to pallet 2 but only managed one bite down there which resulted in a 8lb fish but that part of my peg remained lifeless, to be honest all the peg seems lifeless, I had one small skimmer on soft pellet, one carp plus a few silver's on caster at 4 mtrs and 4 carp from across on the island.
By the end I had 6 carp for 24lb and 5lb of silver's so nothing in the wallet today, oh except for Joe McMahon,s quid lol.
1st as expected as soon as he drew was Craig Edmunds, who showed his class by paralyzing the match with 188.11, well done.
Only nearly 100lb behind with 94lb was mat tomes on peg 42 with 94lb
3rd was Tom mangnal on peg 70 with 88.9
4th Steve seager on 19 with 68.12
5th Adrian Jeffery with 64.12
6th Leon Hubbard with 55lb
Silver's on the match lake went to Clint wojtyla with 9.3
And on lake 3 Gary o,Shea had 9.4, so the silver's seemed to have had a proper off day,
Back to acorn again on Tuesday then off to viaduct for the silver's league next Sunday, no real cold weather or frosts forecast so it should be ok on both venues.

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