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Friday, 19 May 2017

Last two days

Don't time fly when your having fun. Yesterday we went to chesil beach for a bit of lead slinging , we had ragworm , hermit crabs and sandeel for bait, its only a short drive to abbotsbury, but I think I picked up a speeding ticket on the way, caught by a mobile camera parked around a blind bend and no warning signs out, also it was parked with two wheels on the pavement, we are told these things aren't cashcows but done purely for safety reasons, like anyone believes them !!!!!!!!!!.
Anyway back to chesil, and after doing the rounds with the baits available I managed two bites and one smooth hound, well it was more like a smooth pup tbh, it must have gone all of 1 1/2lb, but it was a first shore caught hound for me .
So after I lost a hook to a spider crab we decided to venture back onto the old stone pier in Weymouth for a rematch on the mini fish, luckily for me I managed to win this one 18 to 10, but I did spend a fair bit of time chucking a Dexter wedge off the end as it was free of feather flingers for now, I lost a fish and had a small school bass of perhaps 1 1/4lb, but again we had some pretty little wrasse as well as I had a small Pollack again and some sort of blenny type thing, then we sat on the quayside eating fish and chips with wrasse and ragworm flavoured fingers, does life get any better.
So today with a sensible weather forecast and after a quick phone call to Simon in beer who runs the small boats for hire business in the town it was a short drive down there for a spot of boat fishing out tin the bay, we ragworm with us as there were rumoured to be a few places about, after a brief instructional from Simon an how to turn the boat on and off, we were on our way, we went out just short of the end of beer head , where Judith dropped some feathers over, she soon had three mackerel, but with little likelihood of us being able to anchor further out for rays and things over the broken ground due to it being a bit to choppy out there for a 14 ft wooden boat we let them go, so we had a day just drifting , dragging worm baits along the bottom for place, and it was quite entertaining, as we ended up with 10 plaice possibly up to nearly 2lb, I had 6 and Judith had 4, then I had a doggy and Judith boot to be outdone had one aswell, then just to stick the knife in a bit deeper she had a gurnard and a wrasse, so this week she has battered me twice and outdone me on the species front, can anyone recommend a good golf coach for me . !!!!!!.

Back to my comfort zone on Sunday , back to viaduct for the spring league, I may let Judith fish in my place, she is on a roll.
Back home tomorrow but its been a lovely week away with with my favourite person, as is normal we havnt had a cross word all week but we didn't manage to do a couple of things off her bucket list 😀😜

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