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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Tuesday costcutter acorn fishery

Breakfast in the bridge pub at Hatton, 4 on the scale, so not to bad, got to the fishery to find 15 fishing, so not to bad, got into the draw and pulled peg 37 out of rays ball bag of doom, no complaints as Paul Haines won off it on Sunday, its next to an aerater which I decided to leave on as I think it upsets the fish more by switching it off as they expect it to be going , plus it gives me a bit of ripple and some water movement.
Mainly a pellet approach today , right hand margin and across to the island,

And another to fish maggot down my left hand margin, normally a good ploy for later in the match.
On the all in I fed all the relevant lines, but began across on a banded 8mm over loose Fed 6,s, without dragging this out to long I had a really enjoyable match, it was a bit of a slow start but that's quite normal on this venue , but it got better from about the middle of the match onwards, I had a few down the left side on maggot , some from the right side on pellet and the rest across by the island, I thought I had about 150lb but ended with 174.12.

Pushing Glen Bailey down into 2nd spot with 132.8 on peg 27
3rd on peg 40 was Dave wride with 82.14
4th rich Heatley on peg 18 with 58lb
5th Adriano Mercato on 21 with 54.11
6th ed wynne on 11 with 53.6
Mike (bridge troll) Chapman on peg 33 with 19.6
John barker on peg 24 with 17.4
Good to see quite a few silver's caught all round,
I'm trying to get a costcutter off the ground at Landsend fishery next Tuesday but I need at least ten to make it worthwhile so give me a ring asap to book in, as if I don't have enough by Monday midday it won't be happening.

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