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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Two days of patience

Saturday and it was off to Avalon for the second round of the silver's league, after winning the first one with 32lb I needed another good result to stay on top, as its a weight league it was going to be another attacking match, some thing I don't mind as I like to Chuck a bit in, into the draw bag and out comes 36, last match it had less than 8lb off it, but I take no notice of facts like that. For company I had team mat gabe skarba on 35 and on 37 was Mark leader , who was second in the last match, so as long as I beat him it would help my cause, I got some new nets off Vic , the new mosella space saver silver's nets, ideal, I just hoped I didn't suffer the new net curse.
Soon had myself sorted out, only 2 rigs, a .6g rig with a guru size 16 f1 maggot hook, for worm and a .5 g rig with the same hook pattern but in an 18, for maggot and caster.
Last match I caught a lot of fish at 4 mtrs , so I cupped in a ball there at the start, then 2 balls at 11 and three more at 14 mtrs, all with some caster and a bit of chopped worm, I started on the lighter rig at 11 mtrs with maggot, but nothing was getting to the bottom, so a switch to the heavier rig with a large piece of dendra on the hook, it took a while to get a skimmer, and by the end of the first hour I had two in the net, gabe to my right had about the same , but Mark to my left was blanking, nothing really improved during the match, it was a real struggle, a big bait was called for just to try and avoid the bits on the drop, so it was the big piece of worm, or three or four maggots, apart from a few small fish I ended with 10 skimmers for what I hoped was 15lb, I had a bit more with 16 plus pound which was good enough for third on the day, behind Vic who was on form peg 13, Jack was on peg  10, which has been a good skimmer peg recently, well a lot of bream came off it in the week, all my fish came from the 11 and 14 mtr line , the short line was no use at all.
Sunday and it was another trip up to ivy house, this time I had my own personal draw bag with me in the shape of Judith, so after a 4.65  score breakfast, Judith got into the draw and pulled me out peg 19, another corner, a swim I've never had before, so a maggot rig for the left hand margin, a pellet rig for the long right hand margin, and two pellet rigs for o it in front at 14 mtrs, one straight out and the other slightly to the right in about 18 inches less water.
It was pretty much the same as yesterday, just feeding a bit and waiting for the odd bite, the left hand margin swim with dead maggot was a non starter , never even had a perch, the right hand long margin only gave me a couple of foulers to lose, no proper bites there, only place I could get any bites or indications was on the two long lines out in front, feeding 4,but later on I switched to feeding 6,s and fishing with a banded 8mm, the angler on peg 1 started well but faded whereas I just had the odd carp throughout the match,

ending with 10 carp , on my clicker I had 51lb on it. And I was really close as my carp went 50.10 and my three skimmers went 4.2 , so 54.12 , which was top weight on the match lake , so a section win , I was beaten by two on the canal lake , with baggy winning the match with 109lb on paste.
It enjoyable two matches to be honest, wasn't involved in a fish race at all, just trying to get a bite was enough without having to try and chase another angler down, today's weigh sheet below.
Thanks to Lauren again for doing the dog sitting so Judith could come along and take some pics, 😀

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