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Thursday, 5 May 2011

de ja vu at weds landsend

only a dozen today so we were all on tha match lake , i was made to draw my own peg today and went and drew peg 7 again , and mike (edge dweller)west had the last ticket and ended up on 5 again. i decided on a slightly different approach today , i was going to fish the meat(vogue bait)down the middle for the silvers (skimmers and f1,s)so i set up a 4x12 rig on .12 with a 16 6313 , a big meat rig for under peg 8(never had a bite on that ), a hard pellet rig to fish long past pallet 8 by some reads and the usual 4x8 rig for over under the small bush. at the start i did all the normal things of feeding the empty pallet , the pellet swim past that , some 6mm meat down the middle and fired some pellets to the bush ,and some towards peg 6 and the gap in the island as i,m beginning to think peg 6 needs to be in so peg 7 can draw some fish off the swim, starting on the meat it was a lot slower than i expected actually bites were non existent, and my first bite after 20 mins resulted in an ide of just over a pound, 15 mins later and my 2nd bite ended up with a 3lb carp , and that was the end of the bites on meat , i should have known better as i have tried the meat several times at this venue and never managed to make it work. i went down the edge for a quick look just in case something had settled over it early doors, but no joy here either, the trouble with 7 is is that you have a grandstand view of peg 19 and martin lenaghan had taken 4 fish in his first 4 put in fishing shallow and was catching fairly regularly, and as far as i could see no one else was getting much so the winner was already sorted so all the rest of were looking for a placing, i wasnt to worried as the day had begun well as me and dean had the usual abbies brekkie then went into the bookies for a quick go on the roulette machine, so we put a tenner in and put it all on numbers 0 and 32 woohoo 32 come in and we walk out with 102 quid, thats the day paid for then.
back to the fishing and by the halfway mark and all i had was 3 carp and a skimmer and an ide , a look down the edge on the pellet line produced 2 fish ,one was a skimmer and the other a 7lb carp but that was the total of my bites down the edge , i never had a bite by the pallet on meat either . by now mike west was well and truly anchored to his margins and waiting for some action, which he did get by the end with a few reasonable fish stumbling over his garlic meat.
the last 2 hours of the match were my best period with some fish turning up on the long line towards 6 but with it being only about 10 inches deep and the fish being a bit cute it was a case of feeding and trying to catch one before the pole spooks them but i managed 13 fish over ther giving me a 16 carp total and 2 silvers and with no one apart from martin really catching well it was going to be tight for the minor placings.
as expected martin lenaghan won easily with 112 1
2nd the new breed mat tomes had 70.6 on peg 15
3rd t rixon 65.6 peg 7
4th andy france 57.14 peg 21
5th kev molten 55.3 peg 1
6th dean malin 53.4 peg 11
in the abcence of tom thick john bradford got his silvers crown back with 30lb off peg 3

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  1. Try putting peg 9 in as all the fish migrate in between pegs 7 and 11.