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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

viaduct weds match on the match lake

as there was a daiwa trade match on cambell and cary it was decided to run a small match on the match lake ,and with only 14 pegs on the lake it didnt take much filling.
i must admit to liking this this lake as its a venue that takes a bit of thinking about as its not a carp crunching fish race lake with you needing to catch a variety of different species to win, with good skimmers being the target fish at the moment, but there is a good head of small carp up to 4lb aswell as tench and f1,s with some goldfish thrown in for good measure. as fabio was fishing today i let him draw for me again and he handed me peg 50 which i wasnt to upset with as no one really knows as to where the fish are going to come from cos they seem to move round a bit on this lake, and the few matches we had on the lake last year saw the winners coming from all over.
i set up a margin rig just in case but never had a bite on that but i didnt expect to as i wasnt in a corner and all the pegs were in, so thats the last time i will mention that.
my main line of attack would be at 13 mtrs and 16 with a 4x10 impact 6 float (available again yay) with a 16 6313 on .12 . i only set up the 1 pole rig as there was only 5 inches difference between the 2 lines , and a wag rod to fish hard 6mm on the deck towards the island.
at the start i cupped in some softened micro,s at 13 mtrs and half a big pot of casters at 16 and squirted a few 6,s towards the island , starting with 4mm jelly pellet at 13 mtrs i never had a bite in the first 10 mins which was a bit unusual as last year you could expect a bite first drop, so after 10mins it was on with double maggot and i hooked a 6oz skimmer on the drop ,which i tried to swing and it fell off, so back out and a 1lb skimmer was safely netted, i kept the odd skimmer coming for the first couple of hours on the 13 mtr line then it died , i found the best way to feed today was to fish for each fish as you needed to kinder some bait in and i found miro,s mixed with some casters then fish straight on top of it, you would get e fish almost straight away , but hardly ever 2 , very strange so it was a case of reeding after each fish , sometimes you would get another instantly or you would have a 5 to 10 min wait for another bite and the fish seemed to prefer single caster over maggot on the hook, at about the halfway mark i had a look on the wag and in tha next 45 mins i had 3 carp to 4lb and an f,1 but the white rubbish off the willow trees was making life difficult as you couldnt sink your line so i put that down and went out to the 16 mtr line and by feeding with the pot and fishing single caster i kept a few good skimmers going into the net right up to the end of the match. as far i could see around the lake i had done ok , the only people i couldnt see were tom thick on 45 and dean next to me on 49 who had had a lot of fish on the feeder and some more carp and f1,s down the edge ,but i neednt have worried as my silvers went 38.4 and the carp went 16.2 for a total of 54.6 for first in the match and also the top silver weight
dean malin was second with 45.12 on 49 with most of his fish falling to the open end feeder fished to the island with banded pellet
3rd was tom thick on 45 with 39.2
4th martin lenaghan 27.13 peg 52
5th paul homewood 22.15 peg 44
6th jamie parkhouse 21.1 peg 40

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