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Thursday, 26 May 2011

weds viaduct

25 booked in so we were on cambell and a bit of cary, a draw on cambell would be nice as cary was still being a bit hit and miss. into the bucket and out comes 130, right lake but not the best of pegs of late , and i was informed that the angler on it the day before never had a carp bite all day and never weighed at all, i did txt mr hudson and ask him how he fished it so i could do the opposite lol(sorry ian)but he never got back to me in time so i made up my own mind.
normally this peg is in the sun all day but with leighton palmer opposite casting a shadow over the lake it may be a bit chilly, i cant see him retaining his slimmers world slimmer of the year title next year, perhaps me and him should get together for a slim off challenge for a quid.
anyway back to 130, 4 rigs , a mear rig for the margins(never had a bite), a meat rig for 6 mtrs(1x6oz skimmer), and 2 pellet rigs for 14mtrs , one shallow on .18 with a 16 b960 and a 4x12 for using at full depth but with most the shot under the float with only 3x no10,s down the line to try and catch on the drop, the 14 mtr line was going to be attacked with 6mm fed through a catty and with 8mm on the hook.
for company i had jim baines on 132 who sloped off well before the end and on 129 the irrepressable mr charles barnes who was setting his stall out (eventually)for a meat attack at 9mtrs for silvers, so i did end up with a lot of water to draw from,
at the start i did cup one lot of 6,s at 14 mtrs and fed some meat on the 2 closer lines but as i have already said it never realy happened on those lines, but to be fair i didnt give them a proper go as there appeared to be enough fish at 14 mtrs to keep me enterained. i did manage a carp first drop in after about 5 mins but by now one of the new breed(lol)in the shape of the avon angling night watchman phil(fabio) harding on 115 had taken 2 and continued to catch and lose fish right through to the end as did lee wherrett on 110 although he lost far less than fabsy so that was first and second taken care of but in which order we would have to wait till the end.
as far as my match went i ended up with just over 20 carp and a few silvers, all but one being taken on the deep rig, there were some fish up in the water but the near gale blowing into and across it made shallow fishing to difficult with the rig getting blown along to fast for my liking, i did get one and lost a fouler but it wasnt right so most of the match was spent on the deep rig for a total weight at the end of 142.7
first on the day went to lee wherrett on 110 with 200.4 mostly taken on meat at 16mtrs out in front and down the left hand margin
2nd phil harding 174.1 peg 115 (he is suffering a bit of bridesmaid syndrome of late)
3rd andy lloyd 153.5 peg 88
4th tony rixon 142.7 peg 130
5th dean malin 140 peg 77
6th dan squire 125.8 peg 128
silvers went to kevin murch on 78 with 50.4 of meat caught skimmers at 6 mmtrs

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