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Sunday, 29 May 2011

viaduct match lake

it wasnt hard to fill this match as there are only 14 pegs on the lake and it tends to be quite fair ,but a draw on the right hand side of the lake was favourite as the bulk of the skimmers seem to prefer that side at the mo and they are the target species with the carp and f1,s being the bonuses , but that will change as the carp grow, back to the draw and i let dean draw for me and i ended up on 51 which is the right side of the lake and i had dean for company on 52 and joe thompson on 50 , both of which were going to concentrate on the feeder which was good news for me as i was going to fish the pole at 13 and 16 mtrs with caster over caster and micro pellet mix, so i set up two 4x10 rigs with 18 middy 6313 hooks on .10 .
at the start i cupped in half a large pot of casters with a few micro,s at 16 mtrs and just a small pot of the same at 13 , beginning on single maggot at 13 mtrs i never had a bite fot 30 mins while shane caswell on 47 ahd caught a few skimmers and dean next door had some fish on the feeder, so after 35 mins i put a caster on went back out to 13 and the float went straight under, but i missed it(liner)the caster was still in place so i lowered the rig back in and it went under and a 12oz skimmer was safely netted , 3 more followed quickly before the swim died so i cupped a few more casters and pellets and started to get more indications followed by a few more skimmers then it slowed again, so i refed and went out to 16mtrs and had some more skimmers and by feeding each line and knicking a couple from each line i had bites right through the match , i did set up an at depth wag to fish 8mm pellet to the island but that only produced one 2lb carp, i did miss a couple of bites on the wag and bumped a fish but it was to hard as the willow tree,s were shedding there clingy horrible white fluffy bits making it impossible to sink your line so the float was getting dragged back towards you producing zero presentation, so the rest of the match was spent on the pole between the 2 lines , and by the endi reckoned on about 35lb which was good as far i could see , dean next door had taken a run of late fish down the edge but i didnt think it would be enough, and so it proved as my silvers went 38.6 and my 4 small carp weighed 5.4 for a total of 43.10 for first
2nd went to martin mcmahon on 45 with 35.13 of mainly small carp on the feeder
joint 3rd went to dean malin on 52 and tom mangnall on 40 both with 29.3
5th eddy wynne 26.10 peg 48
6th chris fox 25.11 peg 46

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