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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Sunday landsend open

only 14 fishing today so it was the match lake only, going into the second day of a cold snap I wasn't to sure as to how it would fish, last time here the fish seemed to want to be in there normal winter quarters, so a draw on the far side in the high numbers were preferred, I waited till near the end to draw , and just for a change pulled out peg 3 again !!!!!, I can't seem to get away from the peg, it's a nice summer peg and I quite enjoy fishing it if ice breaking is called for as there are usually some perch around. But today I thought would be difficult, rig wise I set a 4x12 for 14 mtrs on an angle to my left for hard pellet and the same rig would be ok to fish n front of peg 2 as it's the same depth as out in the lake, another 4x12 rig for the same depth to my right for maggot or expander over micros, and a caster rig for 4 mtrs in front and down to my left as again it's the same depth. On the whistle I fed to my left at 14 mtrs with hard 4,s aswell as cupping a few in by pallet 2. I would have like to feed it with a catty down by the pallet but the bush has grown a bit to much and it's nigh on impossible to get any down there with a catty, micros off to my right, again at 14 mtrs, but began on the caster at 4 mtrs, I did fire a few 4,s to the far side just in case but the water seemed a bit clear and cold to encourage any carp up on the shelf.
First drop and I had a 6 oz perch followed by a few of a similar size, but already the favoured far side swims were producing carp, with Paul elmes on 18, Adrian Jeffrey on 19 and ken(Kendra) Rayners on 21 catching early on , and hey seemed to be getting plenty of liners so the main body of fish looked to be wintering up. As with the last time on this lake the near side was extremely hard with only odd carp and very few silvers being caught , the carp pegs kept putting a few into the nets with Adrian on 19 sounding to be doing the best. My long pellet lines each way at 14 mtrs never produced a bite. And the down to the pallet line to my left gave me one bite which I skillfully abated to impale my hook into the tail of a 5 lb common which led me a proper dance before I managed to reverse it into the net, but it did make a mess f my inside line, during the match I did hook 6 carp , three I landed two of which were lip hooked and the other three escaped, one with a rig. About 90 mins from the end I shall owed up my maggot rig and swung it into the far side on double maggot , I was rewarded with a 1lb stripy , so I quickly changed that rig into a proper caster rig for over there and began firing a few casters to the spot, silvers wise on the lake was wide open with no one catching much, the skimmers were scarce as were the perch so it was a case I of nicking odd fish from my three silvers line, even the ever reliable john"the perch slayer" Bradford on 5 was getting no luck, but he did get a nice ide and a skimmer later in the match, he seemed to be doing the best with him and me being pretty close with the silvers, then about 30 mins from the end I managed to snare a 2lb unseasonal tench from my left hand margin to put me in th edriving seat as far as the silvers went.
Beany aka Dave Westcott was first to weigh on peg 1 and put one carp and a few silvers on the scales for 9.4. I was next and my three carp went 15lb and the silvers went 9.12, the only threat as far as I could tell for the silvers payout was john on 5 and luckily my tench seemed to have edged it as his silvers went 7.8, so at least we got some money back .
1st on the day was Adrian Jeffrey on 19 with 80.14 of maggot tempted carp just at the bottom of the island shelf
2nd was Ken Rayner on 21 with 69.7
3rd Paul elmes on 18 who started well but his swim died quite quickly but he ended with 46.6
4th was me with 24.12
5th Andy hembrow on 13 with 19.1
6th Martin lenaghan on 15 with 17.10
Thursday we are off to Avalon again so if anyone fancies it ring or txt me on 07974807941 to book in for the 9 am draw.
This Friday veals are having a bit of a Black Friday clearance with selected items in the coarse, sea , game and gun sides being reduced, so it may well be worth paying us a visit , could be an early Xmas pressie some where for someone

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