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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Tuesday costcutter, acorn fishery

Only 13 here again today, possibly the forecasted strong winds and rain played a part there. Into the draw bag and out pops 12 ping pong ball, I haven't been here for about 18 months but it still looked the same , 12 is a good peg with a nice long margin down to the right , and with these mild temps I fully expected to catch down there, I intended to fish caster today as I had accumulated several pints and it would be a waste not to use them. So I set a margin rig for left and right in about 2 foot of water , a rig for 5 Mars in the deep water and another for down the margin shelf in about 3 foot of water. On the all in I started feeding caster on all lines and began at 5 mtrs fully expecting to catch straight away , to say it was a surprise to have to wait 1 3/4 hours for my first fish was an understatement , then it was 1oz perch, mint, but shortly after that I had two carp from the same line in as many put ins, looking around no one seemed to be getting much, Ray bazeley  on 6 seemed to be doing the best , but he was so far from the next angler I was beginning to think he was in another county, Andy gard was his neighbour and he was on 11, better blame it on the pegger lol.
I had tried my margins by now and across on the island but couldn't raise a bite anywhere, then with 2 hours to go a few fish turned up on the island, and it should have been enough, towards the end I lunged at a fish with the net and broke it off, I thought straight away it would cost me , I did have one bite down the edge for one carp which s unusual for this swim as its normally a margin banker, I ended up with ten carp which I thought may go 40lb, and I wasn't to far off as they went 39.14, Ray in his pleasure peg had 15 bridge carp on his favourite bait BREAD for 41.14 , well done Ray,
3rd was in form venue regular on peg 22 with 38lb
4th Andy gard on 11 with 35.12
5th ed wynne on 15 with 33.8
6th d Stephenson on 34 with 31.8
Silvers went to ed wynne with 4lb of goldfish

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