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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Landsend fishery, Thursday open

After an aborted breakfast stop at lillypool !!!!!!! It was off to the fishery for the draw, luckily Mike and Diane will have the fishery cafe open for this weekend , but they need a rough number of people who may want feeding on Sunday morning, so if you can txt or ring Mike on 07977545882 to let them know.
Back to the match and I let Mike draw my ticket out last and up ended up on peg 1, Bob gullick won off last Saturday on a low weight match , so hopefully today would be similar, the lake was still partly frozen, well to be honest ever one else's peg was frozen apart from mine, so I did my bit and broke 4 other anglers swims out (cos I'm kind like that) then rescued sheps top 4 after he pulled it off trying to shift ice about, so a bit short on time setting up, so a caster rig for several parts of the swim and a hard pellet rig for along the left hand margin.

View of my normal tidy swim.
I wasn't ready by the start but I was only a couple of minutes behind, I fed pellets up the edge and put some caster under the tree to my right, I couldn't feed anywhere else as the wind had picked up and a big sheet of icewas slowly moving towards me
I began under the tree with single maggot, I had my first bite after about 15 minutes which resulted in a 4 oz perch, next bite a few minutes later had me attached to a carp which broke my .10 line after a couple of minutes, so a change up to .12 was done , another perch was soon netted followed by a nice little common.
Apart from another perch later in the match, that was my lot from that part of the swim, my match was pretty uneventful, I did get three carp on banded 6 mm up the edge and one on maggot. I had a good skimmer and some perch at 13 mtrs on caster but bites were at a bit of a premium, at least we weren't all sat around a lake all throwing a straight lead into a hole with all the other anglers, so I ended up with 5 carp and a few silver's , normally that would be there or there abouts on this lake , but the carp I had were the smaller swim residents, not the stamp 5/6lb fish but the 3/4lb fish which always live in these corner pegs, the odd bigger carp were caught the other side at the far end, Adrian Jeffery had 4 carp and 6lb of silver's of peg 17 to win on the day with 32.7.
Mike Jones on peg 13 was second with 32.5
3rd went to Mike's younger twin, Nick Jones on 15 with 29.11
4th Alan oram on 7 with 26.5, which included top silver weight on the day of 16.15 of skimmers and f1,s
5th was me with 25.15
6th Vince Brown on 21 with 13.15
Only 11 fished but considering the weather its to be expected really. So dont forget to ring or txt Mike to let him know about food on Sunday

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