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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Round 2, viaduct winter league

After a passable breakfast at cannards well for breakfast it was off to the fishery , I did the team draw again as none of my mates don't seem to want the responsibility for that one, I pulled out sequence 4, which put Ron hardiman on 113 , Clint wojtyla on 79, Clayton Hudson on 73, we on 43 and Tim Clark on 5, all reasonable pegs apart from clients, although its in the widest part of Cary it can be a toughy.
Back to my swim, and its one of my preferred draws on the lake as it can be a nice wag peg , but with a strong wind coming roof my right shoulder it would make the wag travel along the front of the island, and these carp and f1,s don't really like chasing a bait, but in set it up anyway, also a light lead rod to attack the island, a couple of pole rigs, both .2 drennan as5 patterns , one for caster over groundbait at 13 mtrs and the other for meat over meat at 16 mtrs, for company I had fellow blogger Dom Sullivan on 44 and occasional angler mat Parsons on 42, a quid side bet was struck Dom , then we were off, I cupped in 5 caster infused balls at 13 mtrs and a bit of meat at 16 mtrs, I then picked up the wag rod and managed to snap the main line at the reel as I picked it up as it was stuck around a dead reed stem, that was good then !!!!!. So I chucked the lead out which fell woefully short of the island while I reassembled the wag, it didn't take long, I thought I would try another go on the lead, so threw it again , thus time landing much closer to the island. Both mat and Dom had been on the tip all this time but apart from a coupe of small fish they were struggling, the other side of the lake seemed to fairing better , with the 4 anglers on the corresponding swims on the other side were all catching, I picked up and tried to wind the lead in , but I was attached to some heavy line which was secured to trees each side of my island Chuck , meaning I couldn't throw tight, so I had to go slightly to my right to avoid it, this was definitely a match of two halves for us on our bank, with the first half being a non event then the last half the fish did a bit of a turning up act, mat on my right started catching a few sensible skimmers and Dom on my left had a couple of good f1,s on the tip, then I had three quickest f1,s on the wag, and Jason Radford up on the top bank was beginning to catch on the popped up bread, Chris Davis on 25 was also catching now , on meat but feeding with a catty, both myself and Dom also started to get odd f1,s on the pole and meat, but we were going to be to little to late as we were always behind the pegs opposite and the rest of our section on spring lake, at the weigh in I was happy to put 32.6 on the scales but that only gave me  9 out of 19, which I'd a bit disappointing to be fair, I had the best weight on the 4 pegs on my side as mat had 16lb, Dom had 25 and Chris had 29lb, we were beaten by the pegs opposite and  some of the ones on spring and middle with Adam Mitchell of frenzee swimming orange on peg 26 winning the section with 82lb dobbing bread down the edge, 
1st on the day went to rich lacey on peg 66 with 129.14, catching on dobbed mother's pride down his edge without feeding a thing.
2nd went to in form and guru New signing Ben hagg on 112 with 113.4
3rd Dan white on 110 with 95.11
4th Gordon canning on 128 with 94.5
5th Adam Mitchell on 26 with 82.9
6th Fred.Roberts  on 56 with 77.2
That man des shipp
 on not really fancied 61 on lodge with 35.12 of mainly skimmers 
and hybrids on caster at 10 mtrs 
2nd mikey on 37 with 26.13
Match at Landsend on Thursday, so if you dancing ring me or txt me on 07974807941 to book in

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