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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Sunday open, Landsend fishery

After the final breakfast at lillypool cooked by Wendy and her crew, it was off to the fishery, 19 booked in but only 17 showed, so we used the match lake and 4 pegs on the speci 25/28/31/32.
Mat tomes drew for me and handed me 25, the far bank corner peg, Its been an ok peg lately with some good silver's aswell as some carp, so what to do. I decided on a carp attack as the there were plenty of silver's experts on the match lake and Alan oram on 28 was favouring a silver day. Back to my peg and its a nice peg with lots of options with a long margin and an island at 17 mtrs, son just about reachable.
 Plus at 16 mtrs up the edge there is a wooden post which tends to be place to target for the carp, as it is just short of a submerged cage which holds some fish but it is a bit of a tackle grave yard.
Only 2 rigs today (so far) . Both to fish banded 6mm over loose Fed 4,s, one for at the bottom of the island and margin shelf and the other for up on the island shelf and along the edge.
Starting towards the island on the deeper rig I fully expected to get an early carp, but it never happened, in fact up till one o'clock all I had to show for my efforts was 2 hand size skimmers and a roach, so it was off the box and up with a silver's rig to fish caster to hand as there are some good perch and roach here, and there is always a chance of a few good f1,s,
I began feeding some casters close but decided to give the long margin line another go, firstly up the shelf . I lost a fouled ,then nothing so I shipped out the deepening , and bugger me if I didn't get a carp on the drop, and three more in quick succession after that in the next 25 minutes. Then it went quiet so I came back on the caster line and had some nice roach and a good perch, so the rest of the match was spent either short on the caster or long (17mtrs) on pellet. I ended up with 6 carp and some silver's, but thought I was miles behind , especially as that man Craig Edmunds was emptying on peg 18 fishing his meat in various parts of the peg, I did lose two carp from the long line, one came off for no apparent reason and the other made it to the wire cage , making off with my hooklenth, I also hooked on on the short line on caster, and had it beat , but I totally screwed up with the landing net hitting the carp on the head hard enough to bust off the .10 line , DOH. It turned out be a close match apart from trig who paralyzed it with 141.9, all on meat
2nd was Trigs star pupil Paul elmes on 31 with 64.11
3rd. Mike west on 3 with 45.4
4th Steve seager on 15 with 43.13
5th Tom mangnal on 24 with 42.6
6th me with 42.2
Alan oram on 28 with 12.2
Me with 10.6

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