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Thursday, 7 January 2016

Thursday costcutter harescombe, and some league dates

A good turn out today with 16 fishing, the forecast was for moderate winds and not to cold, but with the fishery built on the side of a mountain that was never going to be right, and it wasn't as it blew a Gale and was freezing cold . This will be a short description of my day as it was hard for most, I drew peg 9 and struggled, caster or maggot close or down the middle produced only small fish and a couple of f1,s . The bulk of my weight , which wasn't great came from the far bank on banded hard pellet ,but I only had 21lb which was 4th on the day and they only paid 3, about right for me recently, at least I wasn't last again lol,
1st was Adrian "2eggs"  Clark on peg 3 with 45.4
2nd was Terry girdelstone on 19  with 34.14
3rd Alan oram on 30 with 23lb
A rare picture of me with a fish on recently, picture courtesy of Chris telling who I must say takes a nice picture, but he was like me today, SHIT, lol

League dates for this year
Short pole series at Chilton trinity woodlands
15th may
10th July
7th August
21st August
Entry to league £40, that's peg fees for series and pools for last match.
Float only league
29th may viaduct
12th June Landsend
3rd of July Landsend
31st July Avalon
14th August shiplate
28th August viaduct
Entry £56 that again is peg fees for series and pools for the last match, ring or txt me on 07974807941 to book in, no time wasters or serial let down merchants need ask, if you ain't able to make  all the matches or perhaps miss only one don't even ask, pools are compulsory, so if I get let down I will expect you still to pay , unless there are extenuating whatever's.
Viaduct spring league
24th April
8th may
22nd may
5th June
19th June
To book in to this one ring Steve at the fishery to book 01458274022, again he would appreciate no let owners,
I will say it again, unless you can fish all or nearly all don't ask

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