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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Barston lake

Travelled the 98 miles with Chris Fox to fish this fundraiser for the English disabled squad as they get no funding, so a good cause, on the way the good old Toyota blue bus passed a bit of a milestone.
240000 miles , a good advert for the engine, I think the body work will give up before the engine.
We had breakfast just up the road from the fishery in a premier inn, and it was good, starters, mains and afters for brekkie, (4.5).
Got to the fishery for the draw which is held in the golf club, all very civilized.
Into the trophy draw tin and out comes peg 12, short walk but all info see me to say it wasn't to good unless you can cast a method feeder and wafter/popup 90 mtrs to the 18 green which is on an island, as I never had the tools or ammunition to do it I was going to fish the pole and wag then with pellet long on the pole and on the wag and meat at 6 mtrs.
Well I'm not going to wax lyrical about my day as to call it disappointing really would be an understatement, I had a skimmer and a small carp on the pole at 14 mtrs , missed a bite on the wag and had a late 3lb bream on the meat for the grand total of about 6lb, not a lot to do really, unless you like a bit of plane spotting as the lake is under the flight path for the east Midlands airport, so all manner of planes were landings all day.
It fished really hard all round with only 40lb needed to win, lots of people had less than me , it was definitely a day for long range feeder fishing, so that let me out it then. Chris had a worse day than me with one skimmer and one roach, at least we had the raffle to fall back on , should have known better, we were soon back in the van empty handed .oh well , off to acorn on Tuesday, then down to Landsend on Sunday,

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