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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Landsend open

Not a bad turnout today with 28 booked in , but a no show meant 27, still ok these days for an open match,
As is now normal it was an excellent breakfast at the fishery (4.75), quick to the table and hot.
Mike let us use match and number 3 lake, so I put 14 on match and 13 on 3,
Stu Barnett drew for me and handed me peg 6, happy with that as its on the gap in the island, for company.I had Gary o,Shea on 5 and Mark Radford on 8, the only other anglers I could see were Martin pettiffer on 18 and Ron hardiman on 19.
Only three rigs today, a meat rig for 6 mtrs, a stalking rig and a pellet rig for over on the island shelf in about 12 inches of water, where I would be feeding hard 6,s and fishing with a banded 8mm. It didn't take long and with the promise of the hottest day of the year so far it was all looking good.
On the whistle and with a few fish floating around I started with the stalker rig , I missed one first put in, but I had one on a few minutes later, which was duly netted, but apart from one more a little while later they didn't really seem interested , so it was a day spent mainly on the depth (12 inches ) over on the island shelf. I ended up having a bit of a peg to peg duel with Gary on 5, it all seemed a bit nip and touch really but fancied I had a few bigger carp than him, so I was confident of being ahead of him but it never pays to get complacent when you are trying to beat an angler like Gary, but it was a nice day with the sun beating down and plenty of fish. With several nearly getting into double figures.
And Judith was having a nice day , its the first trip for a long time there was no need for any thermals, including the pink boots.
I've had a nice day ending up with 31 carp including half a dozen on the short meat line which were of a better average size also one side of nearly three pounds from the meat line, Gary reckoned I had probably beaten him by 30lb, I wasn't convinced it was that much but I thought I had beaten him though, also Ryan Radford over on 16 had been doing well and lake three can throw up some good weights , but I needn't have worried as my 31 carp and the lonely ide went 185.10, and I lost 2lb from a net AGAIN, doh
2nd was Gary o,Shea with 150.2
3rd Chris Fox on 41 with 133.02
4th Ryan Radford on 16 with 132.13
5th Joe McMahon on peg 1 with 117.7
6th Shawn Townsend on 46 with 110.7
Martin pettiffer on 18 with 15.2.
Judith liked this peg today as there is a bench up at the top of the slope behind the peg which gives a good view of the lake.
I'm running another one there next Sunday so to book in txt or contact me or ring Mike at the fishery to book in, same as this week , 9.30 draw fish 11 till 5.

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