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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Tuesday costcutter acorn fishery

Back to acorn fishery this Tuesday, but I will be back at Landsend fishery next Tuesday for another costcutter so give me a ring or text to book in , 9.30 draw.
Stopped off at the bridge in Hatton for breakfast and was joined by Adriano Mercato and his fiance Rebecca hope , the breakfast was ok again 4.25. Even adj had a big one as he reckoned he has lost a bit of weight, I'm not sure Rebecca agrees.
Adriano was heard to say he would by Rebecca a new  if she drew peg 6 for him as it was next to his car and sheltered from the icy wind, and as her fiesta is older than her it would be the least he could do, so she was first into the bag of doom and lo and behold out come peg 6, well the last time I saw anyone back pedal as quick as adj it was a trick cyclist at the circus, so indolent think she is holding her breath.
I went into the draw and pulled out ball 27, stu barnett,s favourite peg, to ensure he doesn't draw it anymore he has moved back to Australia.
On Sunday there was a big weight off it  but I think the pump was running, but the pump wasn't going today.
I set up rigs to fish maggot to my rightt at the bottom of the margin shelf and straight out in front at 9mtrs, and a pellet rig for to my left to empty pallet 26, and to my right in the same depth, and lastly a pellet rig for across against the island.
At the start I fed some maggots at 9 mtrs in front and down the slope to my right, some 6mm hard pellet to my left and right and some of the same across to the island.
Starting on the maggot lines to begin with I never had a bite at 9mtrs, so a switch to the inside maggot  line produced one small carp of about 2lb , a couple of skimmers and some carp fry, so going no where fast to be honest, a try down each margin on pellet gave me a couple of better carp but it still wasn't quick enough, all the while I had been feeding with a catty across to the island , hard 6,s, so I put an 8mm in the band and shipped across with my favourite float on, a .1g drennan as4 , I havnt found a better float for fishing in about 12 inches of water, and I never looked back, even with the icy wind blowing into me the carp seemed to want to in the shallow water, and they wanted some food, also the ducks and ducklings appreciated the food, this is a venue where I have found it an advantage to have duck activity in the swim, the carp don't mind and it helps disguise the pole above there heads, my swim got better and better, from going nowhere fast, by the end of the match I had 3 carp nets in and I had at least 140lb, by the time the scales got to me Lee Waller on peg 22 was winning with 63lb, but my fish went 161.6 which was first on the day, Mike Owens was on 33 and ended up 2nd with 67lb, and the silver's went to ed wynne on peg 9 with 14lb, weigh sheet below.
Off to Stafford moor at the weekend, havnt fished there for a few years now and I am looking forward to getting back there, going down on Saturday with Judith and staying in the duke of York in eddesliegh, nice pub with excellent food , so we are looking forward to that.

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