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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Tuesday costcutter Landsend fishery

Trying to get a costcutter going at this lovely little fishery is proving to be a bit difficult, I can't seem to get people to change or try something different, so only 8 fishing today, good to see Dave blakemore making the effort, and at 83 if he can do it why not a few more. I will try again in a fortnight and see what happens, brekkie in shipham today and it was ok, so it's a 4 from me .
Got the draw sorted and I took the last one, the picture below shows the inform number lol.
It's been the inform peg recently, Shaun Townsend drew it on Sunday and won, and Rob Wootton drew it the day before that and won, so no pressure then.
I set up two meat rigs , one for 6 mtrs and one for down the edge, a pellet rig for across on the island, another for 14 mtrs to my left and a stalking rig as there were odd fish cruising about, but infant to hopeful of mugging any as this venue doesn't seem to have switched on to it properly yet, at the start I began on the stalker, but it took about 10 mins to get my first fish, and I caught that when I wasn't looking, I was at with the rig in the water looking the other way at an approaching ghostie when the pole was pulled round by a good common of about 9lb.

Just after that I had a near ten pound fish, but that was my lot on that rig, and as it turned out the match was a definite game of two halves, the 5 mtr line on meat which is normally a banker only gave me a tench and a roach, and I only had two carp from the margin, very strange when you consider the short meat line and margins have been good lately, but every day is different. The last two hours of the match were my best when do some fish turned up on the island shelf, on banded 8mm pellet over 6,s , I was being beaten by Chris Fox on 13 and Dave blakemore on 18 for most of the match , but the far side saved me and I ended up with 102lb for the win, Chris was second with 74 and Dave had 73.7 for third, weigh sheet below.

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