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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Viaduct spring league rnd 4

Travelled down with Judith and Chris Fox today, we also met Adriano Mercato in the Toby inn in whitchurch for what is normally a good breakfast but not so good today , only rated a 2.5, tea urn was cold and some of the food was none to hot either, at least the conversation was good , Chris was telling us about the lovely meal Caroline and him had at Raymond blancs  restaurant on Saturday, he was explaining how nice the starter was he shared with Caroline, it was a meat platter type thing with several different meats, Judith enquired as to whether there was any tongue on it , as she loves a bit of tongue, well you can imagine as to how the rest of the conversation went , and I reckon she blushed for a good 5 minutes.
So off to the fishery and a hope I would have a good peg on Campbell, so I let Judith draw for me again as she has been doing ok on that front, but not so good today as out comes 71 on lodge again, definitely not a peg to be on when you need a section win to stand any chance of getting in the main money at the end of the league, any peg on my left , around to the monk would have done, I drew the peg in the first round and came third in the section which if I'm honest is probably about all you can hope from the peg ,
I can't really say to much about the fishing today as nothing really happened, I ended up with 5 carp and a few skimmers for 59.12 for 4th in the section, so one place worse than last time, I would have been third but trev senior had a flying last 30 minutes down his edge on 70 to overhaul me at the death, as expected a corner won our section, Emma Drysdale on peg 64 , the monk, with just over 160lb, I lost a couple of foulers which I played for a long time which probably cost me second in the section which trev managed on my left. I also had one decent carp down to my right by the brambles , 
I hooked another one , but the brambles claimed that one and demolished my rig , so that was the end of that line ,especially as there was only 30 mins left , so all in all a crappy days fishing , but the banter was good , and as a whole the lakes fished well with 23 weights over 100lb with Steve Tucker up on peg 118 leading the way with 219.12
2nd was Mark handyman on peg 111 with 195.2
3rd Mark wynne on 124 with 174.11
4th Craig Edmunds on peg 127 with 170.11
5th Martin Preston on 116 with 162.7
6th dick bull on 123 with 160.14
Also the silver's had a bit of a munch as Andy power on 60 had 68lb of skimmers on hard pellet.
Oh well onwards and upwards, acorn on Tuesday and Landsend next Sunday for round two of the float only league, can't wait.

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