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Sunday, 12 November 2017

A silver's weekend

I got to say that having worked most Saturday's for nearly 40 years , I am really enjoying fishing these Saturday matches and series, or just having the chance to spend a Saturday with Judith, and she is enjoying it aswell.
Any first off it was round 5 of the Avalon silver's league, I went into this match with a 12lb+ buffer over Mark leader, so a good draw was required to keep it that way, I stopped off with Jason at Landsend fishery for breakfast, and as usual di didn't disappoint, and we still got to Avalon with plenty of time, 13 of us attending today, so it was 7 on the left hand bank with a rear wind and the other 6 opposite with the wind and rain in there faces, into the draw bag and out comes peg 15, well actually it was the last one in the bag, quite happy with that as Rob watts did ok off it last round, when I was on 16 and really struggled, today that was Martin McMahon,s peg for the day, on my right was Jack Jones who would hopefully be keeping the carp away from me.
Last match there were a lot of fish caught on soft pellet, so this week I had some , so I set up to fish two pellet lines at 7 and 13 mtrs, a rig for caster and groundbait at 13 mtrs on a different angle and and a caster rig for on my topkit to hand, all I want to say really is that I had a difficult day , with all the long lines not doing particularly well, I did get a couple of better skimmers on maggot, but the longer pellet lines only gave me a few small skimmers and roach, to add insult to injury Martin on peg 16 was doing ok, catching odd big skimmers on mainly soft pellet, my best line was the topkit swim, where I had a decent perch, a good hybrid and a couple of 1lb skimmers along with a lot of small roach, I ended up with an ounce short of 13 lb, and I was top weight on our bank apart from Martin who did well off the peg no one wanted with 22.3 for second on the day behind Mark leader who had 26 lb and was no3 ahead of me by just shy oysters 2lb, so all to play for next Saturday, its only yours to lose mark lol.
Onto Sunday and it was round 4 of the viaduct fishery silver's league, I needed a good result today to keep me in contention, a good draw on Cary would be nice, but no I go and draw 119 on Campbell, perch down the edge can be good here , not to much out in front as the skimmers havnt really ventured this far up the lake recently, so possibly tench perch and maybe a rogue skimmer, and always the plippy roach would oblige, opposite Alvin Jones on 123 wouldn't be making to many mistakes.

I set up a rig for the right hand margin, for perch ,and a couple of rigs for caster,  on the topset and 2 and the other for 11 mtrs. I didn't want to go any further as the wind was near Gale force in our faces on this bank, I started on the short rig after feeding all lines, and was surprised when my first bite resulted in a 1lb skimmer, soon followed by a 2oz skimmer, so a good start, but that was my lot on that short line, out on the long line the dreaded plippy roach were in attendance, it was a hard day with most of my section really struggling, I did manage another decent skimmer on the long line along with a tench of about 1 1/2 lb, I also had two perch down the edge, one about 5oz  and the other probably closer to 3lb than 2, and I lost another big one down there aswell , but perch do have a nasty habit of getting off, but it never cost me as Alvin won the section with 18lb, but I managed second with 10.12 , so a decent result, keeping me in third place in the league, Craig trigger Edmunds won again off peg 59 with 28lb, and surprise surprise he is also winning the league, well done matey, weigh sheets below.

Avalon final round next Saturday then todber pairs series final match on Sunday, can't wait.

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