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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Not a good weekend

Landsend was the opener this weekend , and after di,s normal excellent breakfast it was into the draw, at first only 11 were fishing, then a blast from the past, Steve (cheesy) Collins arrived, so peg 3 went back into the draw, and yes I go and draw it , I've  drawn I that often I have carved my initials into the pallet, a draw farther up the lake with a bit if shelter from the cold westerly Gale which was funnelling down the lake would have been nice, but its not to be.
 It turned out this was not the side of the lake to be on , or this end as most fish were caught and lost from peg 11 down to 24, not brilliant weights but fully expected with the cold snap, Steve Collins won from 21, and second and third were on his right, and rod wootten on peg 5 won the livers with 9lb of invidious silver's, well f1,s to be precise , lol.
I ended up with 3 carp and a few bits for 14lb ,so that's my.lot for Saturday, weigh sheet below.
Now onto Sunday and round 5 of the viaduct silver's league, went with Chris Fox and Judith today, and Chris,s wife Caroline cooked us a splendid breakfast, bubbly.
Got to the fishery with time to spare so plenty of time for a chat, got into the draw queue early and pull out 119 again, same peg as last time, managed 2nd in the section last time with the help of a few bonus fish, so hoped for pretty much the same today, but it wasn't to be , so I'm not going to bruise my finger tips with to much righting, I ended up with 3.5 , of one perch and some small roach , it was dire, the whole section fished carp with 9lb winning it and 4lb coming second, I did lose a good perch from the right hand margin, but they just drop off sometimes for no apparent reason, didn't hang around for the results , but the weigh sheets will be on the viaduct face ache page or I'm sure Mike Nicholls will have them on his blog, but I think only 20lb won the whole match, from lodge lake, Craig Edmunds drew the same peg as last match which he won , he never won his day today but won his section with 18, narrowly winning his section, well not to narrow as 3lb was second, so he is still winning the league, and avoiding something drastic, looks set to win another series, fairplay to him.

So after last weekend success, it was down to earth with a bump, I don't thick I just hit the earth with a bump ,I think I missed it completely and fell off the planet, never mind there's always next week, Landsend winter league starts next week, can't wait, I think Ken rayner still has a couple of spaces, so contact him for details on 07768325552, or ring me in veals on 01179 260790 .

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