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Sunday, 19 November 2017

Todber manor pairs series, final match

Last round of this popular well run series, so after a nice breakfast with Ken (cosmic pb) rayner we trundled down to the fishery, we were third in the league going into this match but only a point behind the leaders , the two marks, poppleton and wynne, and behind Alan oram and Andy Lloyd on weight, so all to play for.
Into the draw and I wanted to miss the 30,s in the section, only just managed it pulling out 41, not moaning as I had an island fairly close , 30 mtrs so options for a waggler, left my lead rod at home.
For company I had the ivy house sick note Andy Lloyd on 40 and John Gray on form peg 43. So wag sorted and two pole rigs , both to fish at 13 mtrs , one for banded pellet and the other to fish maggot over the same line, where I would be feeding 4mm hard pellet, and all the time feeding some hard 6,s in the deep water away from the island.
At the start I began on the pole at 13 mtrs on banded 6mm pellets over potted 4,s, it took a while to hook a fish, which came off , as did the next one, John to my right caught straight away on the long pole and Andy to my left began on the wag over towards the island, and soon had a couple in the net, then I had a couple but I was still behind the anglers either side, by the end of the first hour, so I tried the wag as Andy was getting plenty of indications, I had a couple of fish quite quickly on banded 8mm pellet over the sixes, but I felt it was all wrong fishing in the deep water especially as Andy seemed to be catching in about 3 foot of water, so I stopped 're plumbed to find about 3foot, and was surprised to find the island shelf came off a long way, so I was probably about 20 foot off the island to find 3 to 3 1/2 foot of water, and that was where I spent the remainder of the match, getting plenty of indications and catching share as far as the section was going, as the match progressed it was clear that John Gray was going to win the section, and it was likely to be between me and Alex Murray for second in the section, who was also catching on the wag . As expected John won the section and was top weight on the day with 84lb ,I was second with 63lb and Alex third with 59, so second in the section was a good result , I packed my gear away and drove round to home ground lake where Ken was on the lake flyer, peg 90 to find he had come second in the section aswell, and with Andy Lloyd slipping to 6 th in his section so we over took that pairing, and when Mark wynne surprisingly came last but one in his section me and Ken came out on top, well happy with that , so well done Ken, good to see you tried a bit harder than last year LOL
Ken rayner , Tony rixon 24 points
Alan oram , Andy Lloyd 27 points
Mark wynne , Mark poppleton 29 points
Tom mangnal, Bob gullick 33.5 points
Steve Tucker , Gary o,Shea 35 points
So a good weekend for me , ending up 575 quid better off,
Today's weigh sheets below

Well done Mark for running the series, I know how hard and frustrating doing these things can be , hopefully he will do it again next year, ably assisted by cosmic Ken rayner.

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