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Monday, 6 November 2017

Todber manor pairs series rnd 3

Travelled with Ken rayner today and Judith joined us hoping for a better day weather wise than our last visit, stopped at cannards for breakfast and it was ok , a level 4 pointer.
Got to the fishery in plenty of time for the 8.30 draw, I let Judith pull my peg out and ended up on 66, an ok peg but with Andy power on 74 and Andy Lloyd on 75 , which was the end peg , the rest of us would definitely be fishing for third at best, first job was to get judiths,s  chair sorted out , didn't take to long as its nice flat banks all round,

so with the wife happy it was time to sort my kit out., it doesn't take to long to get my swim into the type of order I like, which basically us no order at all.
With the wind blue to get stronger I set up a lead rod to fish banded pellet over to the far side , and a wag for the same area, then two pole rigs, one a banded pellet rig and the other with a normal hook on to fish maggot or corn, primarily on the short line(6mtrs) but also over the 14 mtr line as a change bait.
At the start I fed all lines but started on the wag, ash Tompkins to my right started on the long pole line and caught from the off, to my left Martin Rogers began pretty much the same as me, I had one fish in the first twenty minutes and was already several fish behind ash, so I came back onto the pole at 14 mtrs, feeding 4,s and using a banded 6mm on the hook, I had a few fish, but it was hard with the wind making presentation difficult, so I switched to an 8mm in the band which seemed to help, about halfway through I started feeding 6,s which made it better and I started to claw a few fish back on ash, as expected the Andy and Andy show up at the end were catching well with Mr power catching best on the small pellet feeder, whereas Mr Lloyd was catching on corn on the pole towards the end bank, I caught odd fish up to the end with a couple of better fish up to 9lb,

so by the end I thought I had beaten the three to my left and I thought it was close between me and ash, but Alex Murray the other side of ash had caught quite well on the waggler to the far side.
A quick pack up was needed as we finished at 4 and it was going to get dark pretty quickly, also it rained towards the end, ideal.
As I expected I beat the three to my left ,I weighed 63lb ash just did me with 66lb , Alex had over 80, then the two Andy's had 106 and 114 with Mr Lloyd coming out on top and being top on the day, so 5th in the section wasn't a total disaster and with Ken coming second on his section means we are still in third place one point behind first and behind Andy Lloyd and Alan oram on weight, so all to play for on the last match, weigh sheets below, sorry a bit dark and fuzzy but it was dark, they may be easier to read on Mike Nicholls blog as he uses a proper camera.

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