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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Avalon silver's league final round

Went into this match 1lb3oz behind Mark leader who was winning, so I just had to beat him by a pound and a quarter to win the series, although Joe (Bush) McMahon was behind by over ten pounds you can never  discount him especially as it had been a lot cooler  and the fish may be balled up somewhere ,
Only 12 fishing which is a shame, especially as there is a 200 quid golden peg up for grabs, why commit to a series if you don't intend to see it out, at least one angler had the decency to get his pools to me as he just didn't want to fish, thanks Dave its a shame more don't think like you.
Had the draw and had the last peg in the hat, 37 that would do nicely, but no for some reason peg 15 had disappeared out of the draw bag, but I know I put it in there, so REDRAW, and as disc 15 was now missing I put 14 in the bag as the 15 disc, last to draw again , and yes you may well have guessed, peg 14 disc the last one in there, so same peg as last week again, grueller 15 MINT.
Followed gabe skarba up the bank, who suffered a trolley malfunction on about peg 5, don't you dare take a picture he said, possibly the wrong person to say that to lol.
After I had shuffled past trying not to laugh, I got to my peg , I had travelling partner Jason Radford on peg 16 then jack(the crooner) Jones to my right on peg 13.
I would like to say it was better than last week, but it wasn't , I hardly had a bite on the inside, whereas last week there were a lot of small roach and small skimmers, today I fed two pellet lines at 6 and 13 mtrs and a caster and groundbait off at an angle to my left at 13 mtrs, to be honest the groundbait line was a virtual waste of time with me only having 3 small skimmers over it all day, most of my fish came on maggot over micros on both pellet lines, I had 1 3lb bream and a nice hybrid of about 2lb, (hooked fair and square in the anal fin) and several smaller skimmers, but it was really hard with hardly any bites at all, I could see Mark leader over on 36 who was also really struggling, (luckily), but I could hear Joe McMahon on 30 dropping some fish in, even though I couldn't see him, at the end I new I had beaten Mark, but I needed it to be by at least a pound and a quarter, which I did as Mark had 6.9 to my 9.10, so guaranteed 2nd, but it all depended on Joe, who won on the day with 21.12 , so it was going to be tight, and it was as his six match total was 107.13 to my 107.7 then Mark with 105.9, so very tight in the end, day weigh sheet below.

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