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Sunday, 1 June 2014

ivy house open

This is a venue thwt is certainly gaining popularity with anglers from bristol across to oxford , and today was no different as 38 were booked in,  but with trig suffering from work stress, he decided to have a day in bed instead, andy spread us out a bit today, with 9 pegs on the canal lake, a lot of people including me fancied a draw on the canal as its been fiwhing well for silvers aswell as carp, so I wasnt at all dissapointed to pull peg 1 on the canal, its an endgpeg that gets fished a lot by pleasure anglers, and it's been producing a lot of silvers in the shape of tench aswell as a lot of stockie carp, for company I had ivy regular , magoo on peg 3.
I set up 4 rigs  , a dead maggot rig for the left hand margin, a pellet rig for down the middle , another for tight over against the far side and a slapper stalker rig,
on the all in I began down the middle with a banded 6mm over kindered 4, s , it tokk me about 20 mins to get a fish and that was a small tench,  after 35 mins I had added one more, so with an odd shape visible I decided to go out on the stalker rig, and it wasnt long  befre I was playing my first fish which turned out to be a 8lb grass carp, next fish about 5 mins later was another grassie but a bit smaller probably 6lb, andy had told me not to fish down the right hand margin as it was very snaggy with lots of branches under the surface, but I fed a few pellets down there and it wasnt long before I could see fish doen there in about 12 inches of water,  so I dropped the stalker rig in there and had a stockie carp,  I had been feeding 6, s across to the far side,  so I went across with the shallow rig and had a couple of small carp from that aswell, I had an interesting day , and by swapping between the the far side and right hand margin I kept fish going into the net, and if I saw a fish mooch7ng along the surface I would have a go at mugging it , luckily I did get several, and they were much bigger than the far bank and margin fish, with about 2 hours to go the wind picked up and blew all the white fluffy willow tree crap into my peg and I really struggled to fatch anything, as it was nigh on impossible to get a hook bait through it, the wind picked up and blew it out of my corner with about 30 mins left , and I had a few more stockies before the match ended, I didnt really know how much I had but I was fairly confident I had over 70lb , so I was a bit surprised to end up weighing 96.15,  to be top weight on tje canal,
but with des shipp on peg 5 which is the old peg 13, it was never going to be enough, and as usual he didnt dissapoint as he banged  172.1 onto the scales, catching on caster at 13 mtrs and down the edge , feeding 4 to 5 pints catching fish to nearly 19lb.
I was 2nd with my 96.15
3rd steve walters 8n 35 with 94,6
4th shaun townsend with 86,12 on peg 48
5th red on 23 with 67.12, tyeing with ben leach on 36 with 67.12
silvers went to smiffy with 21lb of skimmers on peg 32
back up there again on Wednesday for a knock up on tje canal so I am looking forward to that,

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