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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Float only league rnd 2

Landsend fishery for this one, and the next, also I am running an open here on Sunday 26 June, so as per normal ring or txt me on 07974807941 to book in, 9.30 draw.
Back to today and after a good breakfast cooked by di at the fishery it was time to get the draw sorted. As the draw progressed I decided to let Tim Clark draw for me as he pulled 31 for himself, luckily his drawing arm didn't let me down as he pulled out 33 for me, more than happy with that, but unfortunately for me Craig Edmunds drew 34 , a better summer peg than mine as it has a nice shallow shelf on the island to fish on and the carp do seem to enjoy feeding on this ledge, my swim , although its an end peg there is no shelf up the edge , it is the same depth all over, its ok as long as the fish come shallow though out by the aerater which is over 16 mtrs away, and hopefully shallow down the edge may be a goer.
With Chris Davis on 35 , Craig on34 Chris Fox opposite on 32 and Tim Clark on 31, there was going to be no shortage of banter and swearing today.
Rigs today were a couple of shallow pellet rigs for out by the aerater and up the edge, a deep pellet rig again for out by the aerater and up the edge as it was the same depth, and the normal 6mtr meat rig.
On the all in I started on the deep pellet rig, and it didn't take long to hook a carp, trouble being it was hooked in the tail, but after a fairly long scrap I managed to safely reverse it into the net, after a couple more liners I was reaching for the shallow rig, again in was soon attached to my second carp, but being hooked at the correct end of the body it was netted a lot quicker, trig started on the meat short but only roach bites were forthcoming, but seeing me catch shallow he was soon reaching for his island rig, and with it only being less that 12 inches deep, there was orange tails waving at him, and from then on he never fished another rig as he fed a steady stream of carp into his net right to the end of the match, it was a joy to watch 😭😭.
I did manage half a dozen fish shall own by the aerater but they didn't show up in numbers to be a threat to trig.
Most of my.action came from the left hand bank fishing shallow, by the end I had 22 carp for over 100lb, apart from trig who was admitting to 250lb at the end, Tim Clark also reckoned on over 100lb with less fish than me , but he had couple of better fish that may make the difference.
As expected trig won off 34 with 298.2, all falling for pellet fished over on the island shelf in 10 inches of water, well done to him 👏
I managed 2nd with 130.12
T Clark was third with 126.5
4th Shaun Townsend on peg 15 with 118.11
5th Chris Davis on 35 with 116.5
6th Beal bakos with 107.13
Silver's went to John fuidge with 26.6
Chris Davis managed to hook the top a tree on the island towards the end, and had his top 5 pull off, much to the amusement of everyone who could see, luckily he got the boat out after and retrieved the sections , but the tree managed to slip the hook though.

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