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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Tuesday costcutter acorn fishery

Only 11 fishing today so plenty of room between us today, I got into the draw bag early, and pulled out ping pong ball 21, its a bridge peg and one I have never fished before, for company I had Ray bazeley on 18 and gabe skarba on 24, so no banter today, I only had the horse behind me to have a chat with, but he was a bit boring really.
But he was a nice looking beast, back to my swim and it didn't take me to long to get my kit sorted, a couple of rigs for pellet across to the island, and the same rigs would be ok for my right hand margin, a shallow rig in case the fish came shallow in the grass, and a rig to fish by the bridge to my left , just over a topkit range away.

To begin the match I cupped in some groundbait to my right , fed pellets across but began to my left by the bridge, and I caught straight away, feeding 6mm hard pellets but with a banded 8 on the hook, having caught so quickly to begin with, as expected it didn't last, so I was soon going across to the far side, and I caught fairly well there aswell, I kept cupping groundbait into the right hand margin but wasn't seeing any signs , but by swapping between the far side and the bridge I kept a steady stream of carp going into the net, but these bridge fish can be a bit on the small side, the bridge swim was getting better as the match went on, also the right hand margin was beginning to show signs of life.
Going into the last hour the fish were in the right hand margin,
I put the 3rd carp net in with 50 mins to and put 12 carp in it before the end, and they were slightly better than the bridge fish, on the all out I had 47 carp on the clicker , but I also had about 20 small stockies aswell, gabe to my left had finished with a flourish, and I could see ed wynne over on 37 catching all day, but as it turned out it was going to be a very tight match, no one noticed Mike Chapman over on peg 6 catching on maggot over groundbait on his topkit, and it was him who just edged it to come first with a very creditable 183.1
2nd and just a few scales behind was ed wynne with 182.8
3rd was me, again just a few scales and a bit of slime behind with 181.3
4th gabe skarba with his late flourish had 172.9
5th Mike laird on 12 with 96.11
6th Lee Waller on 9 with 86.2,
They don't normally come much tighter than that.
Off to shiplate on Thursday for there costcutter then it's round three of the float only league , Landsend fishery is the venue for this round.

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