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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Thursday costcutter, shiplate farm

Bit of a detour today for breakfast, myself and Martin lenaghan went via Landsend as there was a match there today so do was on cooking duty, and very nice it was too, then off to the fishery to find there was 13 fishing, bad really considering the venue is new to this costcutter business,
Into the draw at 9.30 and I pull out peg 6, means nothing to me really , I was told that a tree had blown over off the island giving me a nice lead chucking a new feature, I was told it was to far to thrown a wag to but I set up a 10g  affair, and it was easily attainable, the pole rigs today were a deep and shallow one for hard pellet at 14 mtrs and a meat rig for down to my right by an overhanging Bush, I must say this is a really attractive natural lake , with plenty of cover.and a nice depth of about 5 foot in front of me, for company I had Rob dowden on 7 who would no doubt be trying to catch on the lead , casting his whole slice of bread to the island, on my right was Keith Fisher on 6 who was going to be silver bashing today.
On the all in I began at 14 mtrs with a banded 8mm pellet feeding hard 6,s with a catty, it didn't take to long to get attached to a decent carp , which I skilfully managed to reverse into the waiting net, then I lost a foul hooker then I had another in the mouth, I tried the shallow rig and began catching odd fish, so I mainly.stuck with the shallow rig for most of the match, I was having a good day till about 1 3/4 hours from the end, when the fish seemed to desert me, I couldn't buy a bite shallow, I only put 1 carp in the net during this barren spell, I did try the margin meat line briefly to no avail, I just hoped I had done enough early on to keep me in front, Dom Sullivan over on 15 was catching well towards the end , as was Martin lenaghan on peg 3.
Dom may have done better if he hadn't had to go for a swim to retrieve his top 5 , which a carp managed to steal off him !!!!!.
Luckily my good spell in the middle of the match was enough for today as I put 162.12 on the scales to beat travelling partner Martin  lenaghan into 2nd.
Martin weighed 131 dead for second, beating off Dom Sullivan on 15 with 124.4 for 3rd
4th. Stitch Williams on 9a  with 55.8
Silver's went to Mike Owens on 11 with 20.12 of mainly skimmers on soft pellet.

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