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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Sunday open, Landsend fishery

On match and speci lake today , and with 25 fishing everyone would have an empty peg next to them or at worst an end bank or end of island to go at.
After di,s good breakfast it was time to get the draw organized, 13 on the match lake and 12 on the speci, I let dave"beany" Westcott draw for me , after he pulled 19 for himself, he dipped into the draw and handed me 39 on the speci, I wasn't to happy as I have been here a few times in the last couple of years and its been hard, but today is another day and who knows.
For company I had Nick chedzoy on 40, Glen Calvert on 37 and Chris Fox over on 25, also over on 26 was venue newby James Williams who had travelled over with Norman sterry.
Rigs today were a couple of meat ones , one for 5 mtrs and another for each side margins, and 3 pellet rigs, two for as tight to the island as I could get, one really shallow and another for on the deck in 12 inches of water, and the other for about a mtr off the island as there is a nice flat spot in about 2 feet of water.
To begin with I fed all lines and began on the 5 mtr line in case there were a couple of early mug carp, first drop the float buried and a carp on , shame it was hooked about as far away from the mouth as it is possible to get, but they all count. I stayed on the short meat line for another 30 mins but only had a couple of roach, as did Chris opposite , Nick on my right had a carp early but he was now getting nibbled by roach.
So it was across to island to begin with I started on the deeper rig down the shelf , soon another fouler was in the net, so up tight it was then in the shallow water,  I had a bit of a torrid time initially , foulhooking carp, out of my first 6 carp caught 4  were not lip hooked. I've had this problem before at this venue and I found the best way seems to be attack it and as the match goes on the heavy feeding seems to force the fish onto the deck and fouling becomes less of a problem, today was no different and as the match went on the problem of trying to reverse fish into the net all but disappeared, and it became a nice match, as far as I could tell, the other end of the lake didn't seem to be fishing to form as I couldn't here to much splashing. So I thought that by the end my 30 carp would probably be enough for this lake, I reckoned I had at least 150 lb, but I didn't know how the match lake had fished, it was fairly close really , I ended up dropping 190.9 on the scales.for first place.
2nd and not to far behind was Stuart Barnett on peg 13 with 160.3
3rd Russ peck on 18 with 129.14
4th Glen Bailey on 34 with 126.14
5th Shaun Townsend on peg1 with 121.10
6th Gary o,Shea on peg 3 with 95.7
7th and he moaned his name onto the blog was Joe McMahon on peg 7 with 85lb ish.
Match lake
Paul faiers on 21 with. 21lb
Speci lake
James.Williams  on 26 with 15.12

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