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Sunday, 23 July 2017

2 match weekend

I think having Saturday's and Sunday's off is going to be ok, this weekend as Judith was busy it meant I could do two matches, so it was off to Todber manor on Saturday with Chris Fox, a good breakfast in cannards well then off to the fishery, over 30 fishing which wasn't a surprise as its a venue where you get a days fishing in any peg, so into the draw and out comes 38 on hillview, not a peg of choice , but still a days fishing and I could park 4 mtrs from my peg, 4 rigs today, two for 11 mtrs with hard pellet , one on the deck and a shallow one, a margin rig, again for pellet and the compulsory meat rig for 5 mtrs, not to much to write about for the first 4 1/2 hours really, the meat line didn't work, the longer.line was ok for small carp and even smaller tench, although I did get a couple of 2lb fish shallow on this line, all this time I had to watch Gary o,Shea on the form peg 49 catching steadily, also Craig Edmunds next door on 48 was doing ok as was Dave Stockton on 47, the last quarter of the match for me went well, as the margins switched on, I could hardly get in fast enough, and they were decent fish up to 7lb. By the end I hoped for 80lb plus, but its hard to call as there are a lot of small fish, but the venue fished well, fairplay to John candy and his team they have certainly provided the areas anglers with a top venue, I actually ended up weighing in 110lb for no good, I did only.miss out by about a pound for the default section as the top three came out of our section, with Gary on 49 winning with Dave Stockton on 47 coming second with trig in between the pair of them and coming third, (chip shop sausage syndrome). Weigh sheets below.

On to Sunday and it was round 2 of the short pole series , fished at Chilton trinity, short pole is topset and three more, 24 fish this series and it was full up which is good, had breakfast in the copper kettle cafe in w s mare, and it was nice , a 4.5.
Misha and Tom were in attendance, and always make there customers feel really welcome , nice people.
Their near 2 year old was there so I let her draw for me , she didn't disappoint as she pulled out 17 for me , well done Lily.
I set up a margin rig for each side, and a shallow and deep rig for the long pole, bait today was.pellet.only, so at the start I began by feeding.each margin then starting shallow, I missed a couple of bites the had a nice common of about 7lb , tat was my.last bite shallow, so I tried the deep rig over the long line , no bites or liners even, so into the left hand margin, and had a couple from there, but it wasn't to good, Jason Radford on 2 looked to be doing the best, catching shallow against the end bank, I changed from feeding 8,s on the long line to 6,s and that got a bit of fizzing, and soon had a nice coloured common.
It was certainly difficult at our end of the lake , I had a few from the right hand margin and a couple more on the deep rig but only at 4 mtrs, I also had a good eel of perhaps 2 1/2 lb.
At the end I thought I had about 70lb, which was looking good for the section win, but it was clear Jason on peg 2 had won and inform Joe McMahon on 8 was looking good for second. And that's how it ended with Jason beating Joe into second place by about 20lb, so well done matey, that's your first win in a while.
First in the silver's went to Dave Lewis on peg 9 with 38lb, which is a really good weight , he caught mainly on worm over groundbait. Second placed Joe McMahon had a bit of luck today as he was next to Phil(Fabio) Harding on peg 7 fell in head first and went home, Joe then caught well down towards the empty pallet, well done matey, results and weigh sheet below.

Off to Barston on Tuesday for a fundraiser for the English ladies team, then back to Stafford moor next weekend for the fishomaniac two dayer
Judith came today hence some pictures , and she's coming to Stafford next weekend so hopefully more pics, and I like the company.

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