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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Float only league rnd 4

We should have been at shiplate , but due to a clerical error most likely on my part I got the dates wrong, luckily a bit of hasty ringing and Mike duckett at Landsend was able to accommodate the league, so it was back to Landsend fishery for the third match in a row, not ideal as I like to mix it up a bit, but it was better than having to lose a match, so thanks Mike .
And the breakfast was as good as ever, well done di, 4.85.
K/o organised and I drew Gary o,Shea for this round, so I needed a good peg to stand a chance of beating him, I let John Bradford draw for me , peg 7 turned out to be my home for the day, it is a peg I quite like, so no grumbles , Gary drew peg 39 on the speci, which I would have fancied a bit more.
For company today I had Clint wojtyla on 6 and the genial gent who is Nick Brown on peg 9.
The water level is way down at the fishery , probably 20 inches of water was missing, so the far bank was really shallow , 6/7 inches , but I know the fish still go into this shallow water to feed, but on some days they can be extra cautious, hopefully not today though.
I had a nice bit of bare bank opposite which I was going to feed 6mm pellet and fish a banded 8mm over the top, to the left of the reeds I was going to cup in dead maggots and fish 4 or 5 dead maggots on a 16 hook , floats for both lines were .1g drennan as4 floats, ideal for this shallow fishing, I set up a meat rig for 5 mtrs, but I fed it and never had a bite on it all match, so the less said about that the better, the anglers either side were getting fizzing over there short lines, but I couldn't get a sign. I also set up a rig to fish in front of the weed bed as Dan white was on it last match and that was the only place he could get a bite, but again it never really went for me as I only had one carp from there. Most of my fish came from the left hand side of the reeds on pellet, but I did get a run of fish from the right hand side of the reeds on dead maggots

 but as the match progressed it soon became clear that second in section was as good as I could expect as Joe McMahon on peg 5 was catching well, his peg was solid and he was doing well to catch them as they were right on top of the island shelf in 6 inches of water. Clint on 6 and myself never threatened Joe, there were just to many fish in his peg !!!!, he even admitted himself that he was doing well to avoid them lol.
By the end I thought I may just scrape 100lb and Clint would have at least 75lb, but Joe was admitting to 180 , so that would be nearly 200 then, I wasn't to far about as Joe had 198.6, I had 101.5 and Clint got chip shop sausaged with 85lb. Match and speci lake fished well but lake three was a bit hard.
First on the day was Craig trigger Edmunds on 27 with 228.15
2nd gary(that's me out of the k/o then) o,Shea on 39 with 198.12
3rd Joe McMahon on peg 5 with 198.6
4th Mike "silverfox" Nicholls on 11 with 113lb
5th Tom mangnal on 34 with 111.10
6th Dave romain on 19 with 107.12
Neil Mercer on 24 with 24 14
Gordon canning on 18 with 7.3,
Mike Nicholls was actually second in the silver's with 15lb , but I pay the silver's on default, one prize one person, it helps spread it out a bit.
Picture of both winners below.
Short pole series continues at Chilton next Sunday, if anyone CAN'T make it please let me know asap, 9.30 draw as normal.
I was missing Judith again today , I may have had a few more if she was here as she normally tells me when I have a bite lol, but she will be back next week, that is providing she has finished my ironing LOL.

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