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Friday, 25 January 2019

Dave Gillard silvers

Back to huntstrete and bridge pool for this silvers match today. Didn't bother with proper breakfast today , just an egg and bacon sarnie from my local greasy spoon. So got to the fishery in plenty of time, the weather was ok , not to cold with very little wind, it had been cold and the near end had been frozen over the day before, which probably helped to make the lake very clear, nice conditions for dobbing for carp on the right pegs but this was a silvers match so the bread was left at home.
I got into the draw quite early and peg 16 came out, probably the narrowest swim to an island, and it's an ok silvers peg, even though it's narrow. For company I had baths karaoke king on 15 and Pete greenslade to my left on peg 18, also I could see Dave wride on peg 19 who I had drawn in the k/o.
I like to keep things simple, so I set up a rig for skimmers to fish I threw spots with the same depth, straight out at 7mtrs, to my right at 11 mtrs at 1.30 o'clock angle and another at 3 o'clock at 13 mtrs, Mike nicholls wandered around before I tackled up and advised me that the 1.30 swim was the area which seemed to be the most effective, I also set a rig to fish in a couple of spots halfway up the island shelf, with hopefully perch or quality roach in mind,
Dave Gillard shouted the all in and Mike Jones not wanting to be left out blew his whistle, so I cupped in one ball of groundbait on the three deep lines with some dead pinkie and caster in , and potted some caster in on those two lines on the shelf,
I expected.a.bite fairly quickly, but t it took over an hour for my first indication, which I missed, Dave wride was carrying well but they were only tiny blades on his soft pellet approach, I had started on the straight in front swim , but by now I had been through all the swims, and the first indication was on the 1.30 swim, a few minutes after I had my first fish, an 8oz skimmer, it was a case after.that first fish of knicking off fish from the two groundbait !ones to my right , the in front swim didn't even give me a bite, with the clarity of the water the fish seemed to not want to settle, so it was a case of rotating around, also I had some better roach from the caster.lines a!ing with a pound plus perch, I also lost two good perch for here aswell, don't they do your head in , some days you will land  every one , and other times you can lose them all !!!.
I new I had beaten Dave in the k/o purely on size of fish as his had been all small skimmers and he had probably 4 times the amount of fish I had, it was good to see , and I did the weigh in on one side of the lake and a lot of these small bream were weighed in, I hope they stay in there and are given chance to grow.. By the time I got to my peg 6lb was winning , I new I had that and popped 11.6 into the scales, which won my section,

but was only good enough for second on the day as Ray bazeley on peg 8or 9, not sure which as I didn't get a pic of that weigh sheet who had 12.15, well done ray, Dave also gives a token payout  for the top overall weight in each section, and Jeff Francis on 24 took that with 17lb, a couple of carp and some f1,s.
Also I had another squid off Steve tanner who had drawn peg 21 , but unfortunately blanked, but it can be a massively but it miss peg.
Only weigh sheet I have got is from my side of the lake, I will try and get it and out it up.

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