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Friday, 11 January 2019

Huntstrete silvers match

Back to a 10 minute drive to the fishery, which is always a plus. Dave Gillard has arranged this little series so well done matey, twenty fishing so it's turned out to be quite popular, we were on bridge pool, which has a fair head of skimmers along with some quality roach with the odd bonus in the shape of perch and tench, I helped with the draw, recording the names , so I was late into the draw bag, with only three discs left, I pulled out number 14 , happy with that as it's a narrow one to an island, only 17 mtrs, it's a good carp peg, but more importantly a good skimmer peg,
I only.set up two rigs, one to fish at 13 and 14 mtrs, 13 mtrs on front and 14 mtrs off to the right, basically it was two slots where I could drop the same rig into ash it was the same depth, the other rig was to fish caster at 16 mtrs straight out , halfway up the island shelf in 4foot of water, the deeper water areas were 7 foot deep, for company I had Pete greenslade on my left and steve.Dawson to my right, which was handy as we had drawn each other in the k/o, also I could see steve.tanner on the other side of the island, who wanted a quid with me, and I hate to disappoint .
At the start I cupped in a ball of groundbait on the two deep water.lines and some casters out to 16mtrs.
I dropped in on the 13 mtr line, waited a couple of minutes and the float went under, a decent skimmer on nearly got it to the net and it came.of, not what you need on a day and with the clarity of the water meaning it was always.going to be hard, next out in and I hooked another, which I landed , so it may be a good a day, false.dawn as I couldn't get another bite I had started.on maggot , but 24 minutes in I switched to caster on the hook, and had a little run of skimmers, not the biggest but with fish between 12 oz and a pound, all.welcome, especially as most people seem to be struggling.
I tried the 14 mtr line on several occasions during the match, but apart from a few.roach and a lost.skimmer late on it seemed devoid of any quality on that spot, also the 16 mtr line would have turned into a bit of a carp fest, as first try over there I lost a carp, next drop I had a 4lb carp, and was getting liners, so I ditched that line, without a doubt the 13 mtr line was the one to concentrate on in the main, topping up regularly with small balls of groundbait, which definitely helped, as bites quickly followed each introduction, unless I was a bit to keen and put a ball in to often,(I can't help myself sometimes).
Towards the end maggot tipped  with  pinkie, at the end I knew I had won my section and beaten Steve Dawson to progress in the k/o, I thought I had 15lb at least ,and when the scales turned up the need!e went round to just over 20lb,
It out me second on the day as Dave wride over on 28 had 31lb, so fair play to him.
The only payouts today were sections, so first in section took the majority of the money, but Dave did a lesser payment payment to the overall top weight in each section as there were always going to be some accidental carp caught, all this was explained before the start, aswell as a written explanation was handed out, but I don't think some really understood it.
And for the tanner quid , it's now in my pocket, thanks steve, weigh sheets and the pound handover below.

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