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Sunday, 6 January 2019

Landsend individual winter league round 3

Judith came.along today, which was good as I needed a good draw to stay in the hunt either overall or in the silvers, so we picked Jason up and got to the fishery in plenty of time to enjoy one of di,s lovely breakfasts, and as usual it didn't dissapoint, my turn on the match lake today, any peg would do, and I wasn't disappointed when Judith pulled 19 for me, flyer, it's the gap peg in the islands , and beany came second off it on Saturday, so there were a few fish there , and hopefully there would be some here today. Loads of room as there are only 9 anglers on each lake, for company I had fishery owner, Mike duckett to my right on 21 and Steve Sewell on 16 to my left. Opposite I had super sub Gary o,Shea on peg 5, rigs today were a silvers rig to fish caster at 5 mtrs, a meat rig to fish at the bottom of the island shelf in front, 16 mtrs each way down the middle, also the same.rig would do for the empty swim 18 to my left, a pellet rig for just into the island gap, and another one for up on the island shelf in the shallow water.
On the whistle I fed all lines with the relevant baits, then started on the short caster line, fully expected to catch silvers but after 20 minutes and one 4oz roach from the only bite, so that was binned , especially as Mike had caught two carp by now, so I went to my right at 16mtrs and missed a bite, (liner probably), went out to the island in meat, and had a few indications, but no proper bites.
So went across on the pellet line with banded 6mm over 4,s, no bites, aaargh.
So two hours in and I was on just the one roach, in fact I was the only person on the lake without a carp. It looked as though Mike or Gary opposite were going to be on for the lake win, the third hour was slightly better, I had three carp, but they were only small and probably only went 9lb between them, I tried the right hand swim again and had one bite which resulted in a 8lb common, but I was still behind a few people on the lake, the shallow rig against the island never gave me a bite, so with nearly two hours to go I went to the left, and had a purple patch for 90 minutes,

I couldn't get in there fast enough.
With fish to nearly.double figures taking a liking to my 8mm meat , it didn't take long to catch Mike up and go past him, only Gary opposite was a threat now , and by the end I didn't want to call it for the lake win, my clicker was saying 91lb, but I do tend to  over click a bit, just to be safe.
Gary weighed in before me and had 77lb, and to be fair I thought it was going to be close, but all was.good as I had 92lb, so with 91 clicked I was amazingly close,
Me with part of my catch, and the blurred vision on my left is Stu Barnett trying to get pictured with some money winning fish, something he hasn't seen in quite a while LOL.
Also I had a quid with Bob gullick who was on his peg of choice (13) he weighed just short of 50lb, so that's two on the trot, one with silvers on the last match, and carp.this time, back and drawing board springs to mind, 😂.
So at the halfway stage silvers are out of the window, I will have to target carp now to stand any chance of framing overall, well done to Martin rayet who was top.weight on the day on peg 32 on the speci lake with 96lb, steve.Sewell won the silvers on our lake with 10lb, on the speci lake Ken rayner won the silvers with 14lb, and on lake three Steve seager won the silvers with a meat assisted 3.5,
Weigh sheets below as normal, it was a hard day , but most places are being difficult at the moment, after all it is winter, and the lake we were on the water looked black with it being quite clear,  without a doubt meat is the way to go at the moment, and to be fair I may have have caught earlier if I fed and fished meat into the island gap instead of pellet, hindsight again.

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