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Sunday, 27 January 2019

By way of a change

With no match I really fancied this sunday, and Judith fancying a day in the fresh air I thought a day chasing bream at Newbridge would be a good option, especially as the river was spot on, so after a nice breakfast in Mario's cafe in stockwood (4.6) it was off to the river, I managed to park in the gateway at the top of the road which leads to the old pumphouse, there were a few of the normal culprits already fishing just above the pump, Derek coles, Warren Bates and Dean harvey, they had been fishing for just over an hour and were all cashless at this stage, but with the river looking so good they were all expecting to catch,
Judith and me.went a bit further and settled on of 36 in the middle of the straight, mat Sheppard was a couple below on 38 and had a small chub, but by the time I was sorted and ready to start he had had two bream, so the signs were ok, there was a strong cold North westerly blowing straight up the river, I was a bit cold but Judith seemed ok sheltered from the worst of it behind some brambles.
I started off about 2/3 across with a large feeder to get some caster and a few pinkies in.
I started on 4 red maggots on a 14 and missed a bite after about 30 minutes, all the maggots were gone, it took another 20 minutes to get another bite but this time it resulted in a nice 2lb hybrid.
It was a much harder day than I expected with bites at a premium for everyone, I did manage a 6oz roach next , then three more proper bream between 3lb and probably about 4 1/2 lb.
I think there a few about as I did have 4 or 5 liners during the session, also I had a decent like on for a while but it had taken my feeder , and the link in the feeder opened meaning it enjoyed a plastic snack, I got everything back apart from the feeder, may down below had the best day of everyone today with about 45lb, well done in a difficult day.
Surprise catch of the day went to Dean harvey on peg 20 who thought he had booked the mother of all bream , but  it turned out to be a lovely river carp of over 8lb,
The dark side comes to newbridge, also most of you will know the saying,
Any village looking for an #@%& this could be your man, nice to see you Dean it's always a pleasure.
Also we were the sight of an otter going down the far side, Judith,s first wild sighting, I know they are not everyone's cup of tea, but it's not  their fault, a lovely.looking animal but we all know they are capable of doing lots of damage especially on the lakes, and some of the barbel waters, the middle Avon seems to have suffered horrendously ,  it nature has its own way of sorting things, we.will have to wait and see on that one.

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