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Friday, 1 February 2019

Plantation silver,s match

With the forecast giving snow later in the day and minus temps on Wednesday night, I had a few cancel out of this one,  it we still had 13 attending, so not to bad, had breakfast in the bridge in yatton, and swapping the manky sausages for extra bacon elevated it to a 4.25 , so much more palatable.
Got to the lake in plenty of time so wandered around with co organiser Paul faiers , I've covered most of the lake, with only a couple of corners ice free, but the lake had a nice colour, so we thought it would be ok, and I reckoned on 15 lb to be a good weight.
Got the draw underway and I had the last but one ticket, I ended up on peg 2, which was original peg 4, so more than happy with that, on peg one was dave willmott who had the same peg last time and had 22lb of roach, on my left was Mike Jones , who providing the fish came.close enough (due to his eyesight) he will always do ok, we had a bit of ice breaking to do, but three chucks with the breaker and I had a nice channel out to 13 mtrs, Dave willmott tried to clear his but only managed 9mtrs.
Only one rig today, a .3g wire stem slim thingy I found somewhere, ending with 20 f1 guru maggot hook on .10  sensas feeling hooklenth.
At the start I cupped in some loose groundbait at the right hand side of my channel, and some caster and dead reds to the left against the ice, and started feeding caster at 6mtrs in front,  it not having a bite on that last time, I didn't really expect this time to be any different. It took awhile to get a bite, and that was a skimmer of about 8oz, but it snagged on the ice and disgorged itself,
But after.that I had a little run of skimmers, and looking around most people looked to be catching some.roach and skimmers, except for the anglers opposite one of which was Mr barnfield, but he was only moaning a bit.
Dave to my right had begun to catch roach steadily, but felt he needed to fish a bit further out, so what does he do, only feeds maggots into the ice, and the Canadian air force which had landed in the ice free corner to our right decided to start crashing through  the ice to eat them, and as the wind was blowing right to left, all the ice began building up in my peg, to say I was miffed was an understatement, I spent 20 minutes calling him several rude names, while I went about clearing my peg again, I think we were both upset as we never spoke for the next four hours, when I had  rid my peg of ice and with the help of a few well aimed  hits with a cupping kit, the Canadians also went back into the corner out of my way, the rest of the match was really good , catching roach on caster from the two long lines then towards.the end they turned up on the short line, catching quality roach on caster is one of the best bits of fishing you can get, and this lake has a huge head of these nice redfins, it was a bit of a fish race between my self and dave, but Paul faiers on the point peg over to my right was also doing well, as was Chris fox , but he was getting skimmers on the point peg over to the left hand end of the lake,
I did the weigh in, starting with Chris ollis on peg 1a , he had a nice day putting 18 of roach on the scales, next was dave(the ice queen) who put a very creditable 27 lb of roach on the scales, I was next , and I wasn't to sure I had that, but I did,my net went just over 32lb those early skimmers.were.the difference, before he tried to sabotage my fishing LOL 😂😂😂😂😂
Me.pictured below with my fish, and being photobombed by Andy gard, good to see him out and about again after his recent health issues, well done matey.
Me and dave.were.ok after the match, well I had to be really as I had to collect a quid off him. Ha ha ha.
Second place went to Chris fox with 28lb of skimmers, all caught in pinkies,
There were 5 weights over 20lb and 11 of the 13 had double figures, brilliant fishing at this time of year, let alone it was done through the ice. I promised not to mention Paul barnfield was last of the weighers with 11 1/2 lb, oops , sorry
As expected the next match is already full, can't wait.
Weigh sheets below.

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