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Sunday, 3 February 2019

Aaaaaaaargh viaduct winter league rnd 3

Where to begin, I know the journey down, picked Jason up early in case it was icy, and it certainly was.cold.
Just after I took this picture , the temp dropped down to -9c, I did take a pic of that aswell, but it was a bit fuzzy as I was laughing to much at the thought of jason having to break ice, he hates it and he is really bad at it.
the breakfast at cannards was nice , 4.25, and then it was off to the fishery, met with lots of moany anglers, it was frozen solid on all lakes, not to bad only about 10 mm , so it would be an easy break, my turn on Cary lake and I fancied 90 or 94, it would give you an end bank which I thought would be an advantage today. But I ended up on 88, the pretty bush peg,

Not a favourite of mine, especially when trig Edmunds turns up on 94, all decked out in his finest Browning regalia, good to see trig, you deserve it. The other one I fancied was taken by Paul faiers, ice breaking didn't take to long, soon had a channel out to over 13 mtrs,.a.few.people.borrowed my breaker, the last one being the w,s,mare, pond pumper , mat culpin, who returned it with several knots in it lol.
and that was about as exciting as my day got, my only bite of the day was my breakfast, generally speaking I enjoy ice fishing, but today something was different, probably the water.was.about as cold as it can get, if it had been frozen for several days.It would have fished better as the temps would have been more constant, but it looked good, with some wintery sunshine and only occasional wind.
The match was won by trig on 94 with 5 carp for 54lb, top silvers.went to Lee jan with 26.6 of skimmers from peg 114, which was also second in the match, sections were being won with an ounce, I have never known it be this hard, with 51 blanking, and trig won his pound back from the match before, not that he enjoyed it, 😂
Weigh sheets below, some really good anglers blanked today, which no one enjoys to be honest.

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