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Friday, 8 February 2019

Dave Gillard silvers match

Back on bridge pool at huntstrete for this again, which I like as it's only a short 15 minute drive to get there, as after a bacon and egg sarnie from the local greasy spoon I soon found myself.At the lake, it was going to be a very windy day coming from the west, with heavy showers, and with the wind from this direction there is very little shelter from it whichever peg you end up on, and the weather never disappointed us , as it blew and rained as forecast, we even had a loud clap of thunder.
The lake seemed to have a nice colour to it, but it soon became apparent that the club had treated it with siltex the day before, so most thought this would affect sport, but I reckoned the wind would play a bigger part in making it hard.
Dave got the draw underway and I pulled out 29, which is along the left hand bank, for company I had day bazeley on 30 , and my one pound benefactor steve.tanner on 28,
Only two rigs today, a .6g bodied wire stem for over two lines at 13 mtrs , and a .4g again wire stem for 6 mtrs.
Dave shouted the all in at ten , I cupped in a ball on the two long lines ,11 and 1 0clock angles and began feeding cast in the 6mtr line when the wind allowed.
It didn't take long to get a bite and a small roach was the culprit, so better than last Sunday already.
looking around it seemed most were catching small fish , with slightly better skimmers also showing, but as expected the wind was playing a massive part in stopping people catching more qaulity, as and when the wind died down enough it helped enabling people to catch better fish, out of the blue ray had a 3lb bream which put him firmly in the driving seat along our bank, I tried the short line and had a few 2/3oz roach, which was ok but the rig was blowing through quickly with the wind, so I took a chance and put a ball of groundbait on that line, I went over it with the heavier rig, and had a 2lb skimmer straight away, so back up with ray, then a 10oz skimmer followed that followed by a roach of a similar size, but then it got hard, I had to keep rotating around the three lines, catching small roach and tiny skimmers,  it at least we were still getting bites, it seemed pretty much the same for everyone, the wind was giving us a right battering , with the occasional dousing, but the lake fished better than most expected after the water treatment, I also had a couple of f1,s and lost a carp, at the  end I thought I had 8lb, but I must have had more of those small fish than I thought as the scales went round to 12.12, which was enough to win the section and be top weight on the day, with the two f1,s I was just short of 16lb, but it's a silvers match so they don't count , although Dave does do a token payout type of thing for those who do catch some carp, which seemed ok.
Also I would like to thank Steve tanner for donating another pound to my jar, always appreciated 😁.
The weigh sheets are below as normal, complete with rain drops which make reading a bit difficult, this weekend it is back to my favourite venue, Landsend fishery for round 4 of the individual winter league, back to a random draw for this one so a change of company hopefully, I can nearly taste di,s breakfast , lovely.

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