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Sunday, 10 February 2019

Landsend league rnd 4

Made sure I got to the fishery in plenty of time to enjoy one of di,s lovely breakfasts, always a good score for this one.
It was back to a random draw today as it's the first match, so hopefully a few different anglers to fish against for the remainder of the matches,
I got into the draw bucket second, behind Nick duckett , he pulled out 31 on the speci lake , and I followed him out with peg 32, we were both happy with the pegs as both are really good pegs on this lake.
The background can make seeing your float a bit hard,  but luckily I had steve Sewell opposite on 33 , so I could use his reflection as a background to help float spotting, thanks for not moving to much steve.
I intended to fish meat today, so I set up  4x14 to fish at 14 mtrs on front , and a 4x12 to fish up along the right hand margin towards the trees. I also set a rig to try dobbing maggots along the bank.
At the start I cupped in some meat at 14 mtrs , and a bit at 16 mtrs along the right hand bank, I began at 14  mtrs, and missed a bite first  put in, next drop I had a three pound bream, and about 10 minutes later a 6lb carp,  I stuck with that line for the first hour , but had no more on it, the wind was strong by this stage, but it was going to get stronger as the match progressed,
I spent the remaining 5 hours giving my body a serious bit  of grief, trying to hold a bait still against the end bank,
I'm fairly confident in saying that most poles wouldn't have taken the punishment, but the trusty daiwa tourney pro, withstood it all, bashing into trees , me holding on for grim death, and it  took it all, that's why they are the pole of choice for so many people on the commercials, as well as natural venues.
I can't remember ever swearing so much as today,  due mainly to the wind, as I new there were fish to be caught, also Nick on 31 began catching on meat in about 18 inches of water towards the island, I ended up with 11 carp, as did nick, so it was going to be close,
Nick weighed first and with my adding up had 93.5, I didn't think I had that as I had clicked 88lb, but my fish went 93.3, that was.close, but after.they had finished weighing in,  we double checked out weights, mine was correct but I had given Nick a  pound more than he had, so from losing by 2oz I had beaten him by just over. 1lb,, we were also first and second on the day with Paul elmes on peg one being third with over 80lb, all weigh sheets below.

I think I may be suffering tomorrow with my shoulders, arms etc, I .Just admit to thinking I may be getting to old for this long pole shenanigans, ye.right, I will be doing it again at the next opportunity no doubt LOL 😂😂😂😂

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