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Sunday, 20 January 2019

Viaduct winter league rnd 2

Back to viaduct and my turn to be on Campbell lake today, so hopefully a draw at the near end would be a good start as the fish seem to like to overwinter at this end ,  it not before I stopped off at cannards well for breakfast, it was ok 3.99.
Got to the fishery with about 30mins to spare before the draw, so plenty of time for a chat, being my turn on Campbell it was down to me to do the team draw, which I did and quite a good draw I managed to do, me on 112 , Clayton on 78, Clint on 107, Leon 42, and Ron on 4, not really a poor one there, but fish having fins, anything can happen, for company I had Toby Burrell on 111 and andy batstone on 113, and directly opposite I had to sit and look at trig Edmunds on peg 129, so no chance of a banter free day.
I stood looking at the water for a few minutes, and there be a few fish topping all over the lake but as normal mostly at the car park end , which was occupied by Ricky mills on 110, steve.Tucker on 132, the diminutive form of Paul faiers on 131, but hopefully there would be a few to catch, to do any good I needed carp, so I set up a wag and lead to fish meat at about 25/30 mtrs,.a.pole rig for meat at 16 mtrs, and a bread dobbing rig for the right hand margin back into  the bay back towards Andy on 113, for some reason this little bay always seems to hold against the bank, probably the only two pegs on the lake this happens in on the lake when every peg is in at this time of year.
The match for underway at 10.30, and it didn't take long for Paul and steve.over on 131 and 132 to get off the mark, steve.Jackson on 130 fouled a couple early on aswell, as for me, well I started on the dobbing rig with bread to my right with Andy doing the same,  Andy caught one fairly quickly, I missed a couple of bites fishing 4 inches off the deck, so I  shallowed up another 4 inches and soon had a fish in the net,
it turned out to be a bit of a grind , bites were hard to come by, except for the normal swims, but the lake be fishing ok further up the aswell, so odd fish were going to make all the difference for the lesser placing on the lake, I never had a bite on the lead, but did only chuck it out the once, trig opposite had two early fish on it but no more, also I tried the 16 mtr pole line, had one bite on that but it may have been a liner, I ended up having 4 down the edge and losing three, one was fouled and the other two managed to transfer my hook into an underwater branch,  of which there was plenty, perhaps I should have had a bit of a clearout down there before the start, but I didn't want to risk unsettling any fish down there in these clear water.conditions, I did get a skimmer and two carp on the waggler , including a good double right on the all out, much to the dismay of trig opposite as he was looking good for the quid side bet again, but this was an equalizer at least,
As  expected 131 and 132 were first and second on the lake, but as the lake section board below the fish had at least spread out a bit ,
And as you can see from the sheet, I managed to win my quid back from trig,  it it was only grudgingly handed over,  lol, I thought he was going to cry.
Top weight on the day went to mosella,s latest signing Scott puddy who guests for the guru team with 166lb from peg 85, catching in th straight lead out in front and down his edge, still in the lead, well done, that man  des shipp won the silvers off peg 127 catching 27lb mainly on meat on the wag, topping up with three carp aswell , all the other weigh sheets below.

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