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Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Withy pool, huntstrete fishery

Managed to grab a few hours for a bit of a short session , so went to huntstrete on withy pool, hoping to get on peg 54, it's a nice narrow peg and shallower than most other pegs, and last year it was the go to peg for some quality roach and some nice perch, Judith came.along for a bit of fresh air, and the fishery I was see.the swim unoccupied. We soon got around to the swim and only put up.a.couple of rigs, a .3g as4 for caster at 7 mtrs, and an as5 for the corner of the island for carp on pellet, simples.
Well the pellet line to the corner of the island hoper, nothing atall.
I mtrs on caster but never had a bite, so 45 mins in and I put in another section where it was about a foot shallower, and I began getting some roach, nice fish aswell up to 10oz.
I expected to catch some nice perch,  it apart from one of about 10oz they were conspicuous by there absence.
A couple of surprises came.along in the shape of two good skimmers/bream, with the biggest going over 3lb.
To be honest I fully expected a really good session as the weather has been good with mild temps, and the lake is full up, it wasn't a bad few hours as all the fish were of a good stamp, ending up with double figures, it's a good venue with quality fish, so well worth a visit., Check out the bathampton website for more details.

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